See this nice video review of the Romanian Tokarev from The Late Boy Scout channel !

The Late Boy Scout runs a quite popular YouTube channel where he reviews all types of guns and knives. Recently he posted a detailed video on the Romanian Tokarev pistol. Check it out!

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Badass Report: Sgt. Maynard Smith.

His very first bomber mission turned bad…

Another Badass Report! On this day in 1943 in the skies over Europe, Sgt. Maynard Smith showed how much of a badass he was, and earned the Medal of Honor. Sgt. Smith was on his very first mission as a bomber ball turret gunner over Nazi occupied France. Their bomber was heavily damaged by enemy fighters and flak, and burst into flame as several fuel tanks were hit. The plane was severely damaged, several crew were injured, and 3 others bailed out over the sea. Sgt. Smith spent the next 90 minutes scrambling around the plane, tending the wounded, fighting fires, tossing exploding ammo and burning equipment overboard through holes in the plane, and jumping alternately from gun to gun to fend off attacking German fighter planes. The oxygen fed fires were so hot the fuselage was beginning to melt, and once all firefighting aids were used up, he resorted wrapping himself in a blanket for protection, and urinating on the flames. He worked tirelessly to put out the flames, drive off all the German attacks, and tend the wounded. Upon landing in England the bomber broke into pieces. It was melted and had over 3,500 bullet holes in it. Sgt. Maynard is credited with saving his 6 crew members and allowing the plane to make it home. A real badass of the skies.

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Great video review from our associate at DocTacDad Youtube channel!

Recently DocTacDad and his wife DocTacMom had a chance to shoot and review the Romanian Tokarev TTC pistol in 7.62×25 caliber – and by the look of things they had a great time.

Be sure to check out the video here:

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Badass Report: 1Lt Francis (Frank) X. Burke

In the thick of it alone attacking Germans…

Another Badass report! Francis (Frank) X. Burke, 1Lt US Army, definitely earned the Medal of Honor on this day in Germany in WWII. His citation states, “he fought with extreme gallantry” and that is indeed true. He was in the streets of war-torn Nuremberg rooting out fanatical defenders of this headquarters of Nazism.

He was a motor-pool officer that decided he wanted to participate more directly in the fight. Moving ahead alone he found 10 Germans, so he grabbed a machine gun and single-handedly attacked. The Germans opened up on him from multiple positions with machinegun and rocket fire, but he pushed through and killed enough that the rest fled. He then began clearing buildings alone, found a sniper in a basement and ran right at the window, firing full auto the whole time, then dived through the window into the basement to finish the job. His gun was now no longer working, so he loaded up on grenades, pulled the pins from 2 grenades, and, holding 1 in each hand, rushed the next enemy-held building. Just as he was tossing his explosives, a German grenade was thrown and all three went off. The triple explosion killed all the Germans, but Lt Frank Burke emerged from the smoke only dazed. He grabbed the nearest rifle and charged the next Nazi position, killing all of them.

Figuring he had done enough on his own, he regrouped with his unit for another 4 hours of driving off Germans. All told, this motor-pool officer that wanted to be in the thick of it before the war ended, killed or wounded 14 Germans on his own, and another 29 with his unit. His voluntary and courageous mission showed him to be a true badass, and a worthy Medal of Honor winner.

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Badass Report: Sgt. Peter C. Lemon

Badass perseverance…

Another Badass Report! Sgt. Peter C. Lemon, US Army, earned the Medal of Honor on this day in 1970, in Vietnam. Sgt Lemon was a machine gunner at Fire Support Base Illingworth, when the base came under heavy enemy attack. He was defending the perimeter with his machine gun until it malfunctioned, so he grabbed another and kept going until that one malfunctioned too. Although wounded from grenade shrapnel, Sgt Lemon kept going by tossing grenades until he was out, and then pursuing the remaining enemy in his area and killing him by hand! He returned to his position, carrying a wounded comrade with him, and got shot on the way but made it back. He knew he was still needed on the perimeter which was in danger of being overrun, so although wounded twice, he charged again with grenades until out and then engaged in hand to hand combat. He got wounded a third time, but would not give up. Grabbing a machine gun nearby, he climbed an embankment and stood exposed, firing as long as he could until he collapsed from lack of blood and exhaustion. He was evacuated and lives today in the US, a model of perseverance and badassness.

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German K98 Mausers, and the Yugo rebuilds of them

These 98 Mausers are a joy to shoot, and have great historical importance. Here are some videos from J&G and one of our YouTube associates explaining some of the history and showing how well they shoot! Enjoy. See the guns here:

DocTacDad showing the fun shooting these rifles

J&G Sales talking about some of the history.

And here is some info on the 8mm ammo as well.

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Badass Report: 1st Lt. William Lawley Jr.

His men thanked him for decades afterward…

Another Badass Report! 1st Lt. William R Lawley Jr earned the Medal of Honor in 1944 while over the skies of Germany in a B17 bomber. Lt Lawley was pilot of the B17 and they were near the target when they were attacked by 20 German fighters. They suffered serious damage, the plane was severely crippled, and 8 of his 10 man crew were wounded. He lost use of his right arm, and his face was painfully wounded, and his copilot was killed by a 20mm shell. Add to this one engine was on fire, the controls partially destroyed, and the copilot’s body was laying on the stick pushing the plane into a steep dive.

Keeping his wits, Lt Lawley forced the copilot’s body off the controls, and brought the plane out of a steep dive, flying with his left hand only. Blood covered the windshield making visibility impossible. He tried to the drop the bomb load to make the plane easier to maneuver but the racks were frozen. He chose to give the order to bailout. One crew member bailed out, then a waist gunner informed him that 2 crew members were so severely wounded there was no way for them to bail out. Lt Lawley had to decide. England was 5 hours away, the fire in the engine was spreading, the danger of an explosion was imminent, and he was extremely weak. He chose to remain with the plane and try to bring his wounded crew to safety.

Then enemy fighters found them and again attacked but he managed to lose them in the clouds. Suddenly another engine caught fire. Wrestling the plane toward home, Lt Lawley then passed out from sheer exhaustion caused by loss of blood, and the extreme effort it took to keep control of his plane. The bombardier was able to reach the cockpit, revive him and he again took over the controls. As they finally reached the English coast they completely lost one engine. Then yet another engine started to burn. They were now down to one engine as they began looking for a field to crash in, when they spotted a small Canadian airfield. Lt Lawley was able to crash land the plane with one good hand, and all the wounded crew survived. He went on to fly 4 more missions over Germany before returning home. For the rest of his life he kept in touch with the men he saved through his valiant determination.

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