Badass Report: George “Bud” Everett Day USAF

Escape, evade, and survive as a POW…

Today is “Bud” Day day. He is the subject of this badass report – Maj. George “Bud” Everett Day USAF.

He served in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War, and was awarded the Medal of Honor due to his heroic resistance as a POW during the Vietnam War.

After ground service in the Pacific in WWII, he became a pilot and flew F-84’s in Korea. Later he trained pilots in the F-100 and became the first person to bail out of a jet fighter without a parachute and live!

He went on to fly F-100’s over Vietnam where he was hit by anti-aircraft fire and ejected over enemy territory, breaking his arm in the process. He was captured and imprisoned 20 miles behind the lines. In spite of his injuries he managed to escape and although naked and alone, eating raw frogs, evaded the enemy for 15 days until he was shot and recaptured only 2 miles from a US Marine Base. Taken to prison camps near Hanoi, he was tortured and starved, and had his bones broken again. Over time he healed and worked together with other captured pilots to assist each other in resistance and survival, singing “The Star Spangled Banner” when threatened with death and torture from brutal guards. For a time he shared a cell with future senator John McCain. Finally after nearly 6 years of captivity he was released, and awarded the Medal of Honor by President Ford.

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Here are some great videos to get the low down on the Chinese Type 56 SKS rifles…

Two of our favorite YouTube channels have done some valuable reviews of the Chinese type 56 SKS rifles that are available. Check out these videos to get a good feel of what these historic rifles are capable of. Although they show battlefield wear, they are a phenomenal gun for the price.

The Late Boy Scout takes one through the paces…

DocTacDad shows how he refinished the stock…

Then DocTacDad and his wife give the gun a shooting workout…

These older type 56 SKS’s are built solid, made to last. They have a level of craftsmanship that surpasses the Norinco SKS’s that were so common in the 1980’s. As the old saying goes, “Which do you think is made better, a rifle made to kill Western capitalists, or sell to Western capitalists…?”

You can see the guns online here:

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Get the scoop on the P83 pistol through these videos from the DocTacDad channel !

Recently the interesting DocTacDad YouTube channel did a couple videos on the Polish P-83 9×18 pistols – check them out to get the full story.

First, the unboxing:

Then the full review:

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Badass Report: PFC John D. Kelly

A one man whirlwind of badassness…

Another Badass Report! U.S. Marine Corps PFC John D. Kelly earned the Medal of Honor on this day in Korea in 1952 for being a badass Marine! Although he was the radio operator for his Platoon he saw they were in grave need, pinned down by a much larger force and suffering under a barrage of mortar, artillery, grenade, and rifle fire, so he volunteered to join the front line. This brave deed cost him his life, but not before he fearlessly charged forward in the face of a hail of machine gun fire and exploding grenades. He first charged an enemy strongpoint and basically alone took out the position, killing those inside. Then he pushed forward and single-handedly assaulted a machine gun bunker. He was wounded and in pain but didn’t let it slow him down, attacking and destroying the bunker, killing 3 more enemy. But he was not done with his rampage, courageously continuing his one-man assault, he stormed forward to a third bunker delivering pointblank fire into the enemy inside and catching enemy fire in this third assault leading to his death. His one man whirlwind of badassness inspired his comrades to sweep on and overrun the objective. An example of bravery and volunteering when the need demanded it.

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See this nice video review of the Romanian Tokarev from The Late Boy Scout channel !

The Late Boy Scout runs a quite popular YouTube channel where he reviews all types of guns and knives. Recently he posted a detailed video on the Romanian Tokarev pistol. Check it out!

And see the guns on our website at:

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Badass Report: Sgt. Maynard Smith.

His very first bomber mission turned bad…

Another Badass Report! On this day in 1943 in the skies over Europe, Sgt. Maynard Smith showed how much of a badass he was, and earned the Medal of Honor. Sgt. Smith was on his very first mission as a bomber ball turret gunner over Nazi occupied France. Their bomber was heavily damaged by enemy fighters and flak, and burst into flame as several fuel tanks were hit. The plane was severely damaged, several crew were injured, and 3 others bailed out over the sea. Sgt. Smith spent the next 90 minutes scrambling around the plane, tending the wounded, fighting fires, tossing exploding ammo and burning equipment overboard through holes in the plane, and jumping alternately from gun to gun to fend off attacking German fighter planes. The oxygen fed fires were so hot the fuselage was beginning to melt, and once all firefighting aids were used up, he resorted wrapping himself in a blanket for protection, and urinating on the flames. He worked tirelessly to put out the flames, drive off all the German attacks, and tend the wounded. Upon landing in England the bomber broke into pieces. It was melted and had over 3,500 bullet holes in it. Sgt. Maynard is credited with saving his 6 crew members and allowing the plane to make it home. A real badass of the skies.

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Great video review from our associate at DocTacDad Youtube channel!

Recently DocTacDad and his wife DocTacMom had a chance to shoot and review the Romanian Tokarev TTC pistol in 7.62×25 caliber – and by the look of things they had a great time.

Be sure to check out the video here:

See the guns on our website at:

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