Badass Report: Pfc. Manuel Perez

One man takes out 23 enemy in close quarters…

Another Badass Report! On this day Feb 13th 1945 Pfc Manuel Perez killed 23 enemy in close quarters and hand to hand combat! He was lead scout for his company in Luzon Philippines Islands when he came upon several embedded Jap pillboxes. He attacked and killed 5 Japanese in the open and began grenading the other pillboxes. In the face of 2 twin-mount .50-caliber machineguns in the last pillbox, he got to 20 yards of the enemy position and charged – beginning his onslaught. Manuel killed 4 enemy at the pill box then pursued the enemy into a tunnel and killed 4 more. He then reloaded and killed 4 more! when an running Jap threw his rifle with fixed bayonet like a spear at him, seized the Jap rifle, continued firing and killed 2 more. But there was more to do, so he rushed the remaining Japanese, killed 3 more with the butt of the rifle, and in the pillbox he bayoneted the 1 surviving hostile soldier. Pfc Manuel Perez killed 23 of the enemy in neutralizing the position. Not a soldier to mess with, a badass, and a deserving recipient of the Medal of Honor!

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Badass Report: Stanley T. Adams

Grenades literally bouncing off him…

Another Badass Report! The unstoppable Master sergeant Stanley T Adams earned the Medal of Honor on this day in 1951 in South Korea. Sgt. Adams’ small platoon came under attack by 250 enemy troops, on three sides! He saw the enemy silhouetted against the skyline advancing on him so naturally he leaped to his feet, told his men to fix bayonets, and with 13 members of his platoon, charged the much larger force! While charging Sgt. Adams was shot by a bullet and knocked to the ground but got back up, ignoring his wound, and continued the charge. He was knocked down 4 more times when grenades literally bounced off his chest and exploded near him! Completing the charge he and his men engaged in hand-to-hand combat with bayonet and rifle butt and after an hour of vicious action Sgt. Adams and his men killed over 50 enemy and forced the rest to run as fast as they could. A badass with a chest of steel – and well deserving of the Medal of Honor.

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Badass Report: Cpl Larry L Maxam

Shot, grenaded, and hit by a rocket, he never gave up…

Another Badass Report! On this day Feb 2nd 1968, in CamLo Vietnam, USMC Corporal Larry L Maxam earned the Medal of Honor. His is a story of never stopping no matter how many times he was wounded. During an intense bombardment of their main base headquarters by heavy rocket, artillery, mortar, and recoil-less rifle fire from a large enemy force, Cpl. Maxam took initiative to defend the weakened section of the perimeter completely exposed to the concentrated enemy fire. Over the duration of the 11 hour battle, he sustained multiple fragmentation wounds from exploding grenades, then received a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade (RPG), wounding his face and right eye. Cpl. Maxam courageously resumed his firing position and was then shot by small-arms fire. However he continued to return fire. The North Vietnamese then wounded him twice more with grenades, and finally he got hit by a recoil-less rifle round, being wounded again. After 11 hours, and being repeatedly wounded by rifle rounds, grenades, mortar fire, and RPG’s, he succumbed to his wounds, having successfully defended nearly half of the perimeter single-handedly. He was one courageous badass Marine.

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Badass Report: Lt Audie Murphy

A Special Badass Report today! The famous Audie Murphy earned his Medal of Honor on this day, Jan 26, 1945, as depicted in the film “To Hell And Back”, in which he played himself.

Lt Audie Murphy commanded Company B, which was attacked by overwhelming German forces. He ordered everyone to hide in the woods while he remained forward and continued to give fire directions to the artillery by telephone. When the enemy tanks were even with his position, Murphy climbed on a nearby burning tank in danger of blowing up at any moment, and used its .50 caliber machinegun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to German fire from 3 sides, but handling the belt fed like a badass, killing dozens of enemy and holding them back. For an hour the Germans tried every available weapon to eliminate Murphy, but he continued to hold his position. Germans reached as close as 10 yards, only to be mowed down by his fire. He received a leg wound, but ignored it and continued the single-handed fight until his ammunition was exhausted. He then made his way to his company, refused medical attention, and organized the company in a counterattack which forced the Germans to withdraw. The Medal of Honor was just one of many awards earned by Audie Murphy in combat. He was truly a badass.

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Badass Report: Jose Calugas.

Don’t miss this Badass Report!

On this day Jan 16th 1942, Jose Calugas earned the Medal of Honor in Bataan Philippines. Not only was he a cook on KP duty that chose to be a Badass, he was the only Filipino to earn the Medal of Honor in WWII. When the morning of Jan 16th dawned he was mess sergeant with the 88th Artillery Brigade making breakfast. During the raging battle that began that day, an essential forward artillery gun placement was knocked out by enemy fire, killing all its crew. Jose notices the gun is out and gathers a group to crawl half a mile through the fire to get the gun back in action. Almost all of them turned back except Jose and one other. They make it through, repair the gun, and fire it alone the rest of the day, holding of the Japanese till evening. He then returns to his unit and begins cooking dinner for everyone like nothing happened.

Unfortunately several weeks later the US forces at Bataan are all captured including Jose, and forced on the infamous “Bataan Death March”. But Jose survives the march and his following time as a POW, becomes an American citizen after the war, works for Boeing the next 27 years and dies at the age of 90 in Tacoma WA. Truly a badass.

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Badass Report: Maj Patrick Henry Brady

He had to use 3 helicopters to do it but…

Another Badass Report. On this day, Jan 6th, 1968 in Vietnam, Major Patrick Henry Brady showed extreme bravery and earned the Medal of Honor. Maj. Brady was in command of a UH-1H helicopter when the call came in to rescue wounded Americans that were surrounded in enemy territory and the landing zone was covered in dense fog. No problem for Maj Brady who volunteered to go. In the midst of heavy enemy fire and fog he found the LZ and loaded up with wounded. He then went back to other LZ’s over and over to rescue more in the area even after other aircraft had been shot down or turned away by fire! His helo was badly damaged twice and both times he was able to limp it back and switch Hueys to continue flying missions. He went in to hot LZ’s numerous times that day, one time landing in an active minefield where soldiers were trapped. He had to use 3 different helicopters but he rescued 51 men in total in one day – displaying immense courage and showing how much of a badass pilot he really was. Read more at

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Badass Report: Sgt Junior Edward

Three charges up the hill alone with an armload of grenades…

Another Badass Report: On this day Jan 2, 1951 in Korea, Sgt Junior Edwards earned the Medal of Honor and demonstrated that he was a true badass. His platoon was forced out of position by machinegun emplacements dug in on the high ground, pouring fire down on them. By himself, with as many grenades as he could carry, Sgt Junior Edwards charged alone, throwing grenades as he went, and clearing a machinegun position. But then he was out of grenades and he returned for more. He then charged up a second time with all the grenades he could handle, and killed and neutralized another emplacement. Once out of grenades he replenished again under fire and charged a third time alone up to the enemy, tossing grenades till he was out, taking out the enemy and finally allowing his unit to regain the hill tops. He was mortally wounded on his third charge. Sgt Edwards showed how a badass gets it done, charging alone three times up the hills lobbing grenades the whole time. He went above and beyond and truly earned the Medal of Honor.

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