Badass Report: Staff Sgt Rudolph Davila

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Staff Sergeant Rudolph B. Davila demonstrated his “badassness” through extraordinary heroism in action.

May 1944, Artena, Italy, WWII – During the pitched battle to break through the German mountain strongholds surrounding the Anzio beachhead, Staff Sergeant Davila saw that his beleaguered rifle company was in need of encouragement and leadership – so he took charge like a badass. They were caught on an exposed hillside wheat field by heavy fire from well-entrenched Nazi forces, and Davila’s machine gunners were staying flat, reluctant to expose themselves and put their guns into action.

So Sgt Davila crawls fifty yards through fire across the open hill to the nearest machine gun, takes over, and sets it up alone and begins returning fire on the enemy. Knowing his fire will be ineffective if he can’t see, he stays upright, firing from the kneeling position while enemy bullets hit all around him and ping off his tripod.

Turning over the gun to one of his men, he then crawls forward to direct the fire better from a vantage point and using hand signals to direct his men’s guns, they finally silence the forward German placement. Using the lull he brings his three remaining machine guns into action, turning them on the main enemy position two hundred yards back.

As the heat of battle renewed, Sgt Davila is painfully wounded in the leg, but limps and runs to a burned out tank and begins returning fire from the turret machine gun while a hail of German bullets smack into the tank around him. He then limps and advances forward 130 more yards in short rushes, through machinegun fire, and crawls the last 20 yards in order to charge into the 2-story house the Nazi were firing from. With his gun and grenades he single-handedly (while wounded) dispatches the force of 5 Germans.

Climbing to the attic, he positions himself in a large shell hole in the wall and continues to lay fire on the enemy, destroying two more German machine gun posts, while the house walls crumble around him.

His level of badass courage brought desperately needed support to a hard-pressed rifle company, destroying many of the enemy men, forcing the enemy to abandon their prepared positions and retreat. The US Army granted Sgt Davila the Distinguished Service Cross, which was later changed to the Medal of Honor after review.

Later in the war Sgt Davila was hit in the chest by a tank round while fighting in France! But like the badass he was, he survived, recuperated, and married the nurse from the hospital that patched him up, and lived until 2002.

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The famous CZ VZ-82 Pistol

In the early 1980’s the older Czech VZ-52 and Tokarev TTC pistols were set to be replaced with a 9×18 caliber pistol. The standard Makarov in use by other communist countries was not acceptable to the Czechs, so they developed the new VZ-82 pistol, designed by Augustin Necas, for the Czechoslovakian military. (VZ is short for Vzor which means “model” or “pattern”.)


The CZ VZ-82 9×18 pistol

The new CZ 82 pistol was a fixed barrel, blow-back operated 9×18 pistol like the Makarov, except with a wider grip and a double stack 12rd magazine. With additional features like the ambi magazine release, ambi safety, and polygonal rifling, the CZ 82 was an modernization of the older Makarov, and has the feel and ergonomics of a modern pistol.

The pistol can be carried hammer down, and drawn and fired in double action, or can be carried with the hammer back and the safety on in a “cocked and locked” state ready to be drawn, the safety disengaged and then fired in single action.

Curiously, the barrel of the CZ 82 has “polygonal” rifling, meaning the shape of the bore provides the rotation to the bullet. There is no visible cut rifling and the bore appears smooth. This can result in a long barrel life, easier to clean bore, and better accuracy.

These sidearms were only finished in black using a spayed in hard polycoat finish. This finish wears and protects very well until it start to chip, then it can start to flake off in sections as seen in the images above.

The CZ 82 pistols were made from 1983 until the 1990’s. They have been imported several times over the years. Luckily for shooters and collectors in the US, the pistol was determined to be a Curio and Relic (C&R) eligible gun and can be directly purchased by those holding a C&R license from the BATF. It is prized both as a modern and reliable carry or home defense pistol, as well as a historical and collectible surplus military pistol. See how to get one for your collection HERE.


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Badass Report: Staff Sgt Ronald J. Shurer

He saved all of them… and was awarded the Medal of Honor.


On Oct 1st, 2018, Pres, Trump awarded US Army Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer II the Medal of Honor for his badassery in April of 2008 in the Shok Valley of Nuristan Province, Afghanistan.

While serving as the only Special Forces Medic on his team, he was deployed through the Shok Valley when the team came under attack from over 200 insurgents. From above came enemy machine gun fire, plus snipers picking them off, and then RPG fire starts going off! In this hellstorm the team suffered several casualties and was pinned down ahead of him on the mountainside. Sgt Shurer knew he needed to reach his wounded men, so off he goes scaling the rock face under fire to reach the first wounded soldier, who had RPG shrapnel in his neck. After stabilizing him, he had to continue up the mountain to his trapped and wounded team mates. After an hour of climbing, returning fire the whole time, killing several of the terrorists, he finally reached his other wounded brothers. While treating four injured soldiers, plus 10 Afghani Commandos, he got shot in the head (thank God for helmets), and then took a round to the arm! But he did not stop and then continued on to treat a soldier who lost a leg. He had to continuously return fire and battle the enemy for over 5 more hours before he could get them out. Then, using his body as a shield against debris from the explosions, he figured a way to use nylon webbing to lower and evacuate the wounded down a 60 foot cliff to get them to a helicopter. Due to Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer’s Badass bravery, everyone lived that was under his care.

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Badass Report: Pfc John C. Squires

It’s been a while since the last Report, but this guy needs one! A platoon messenger in his first combat steps up when needed.


On this day, April 24 1944 in Italy, PFC John C Squires became a badass and was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was the platoon messenger and this was his first time in an attack! It was night and he had to sneak forward through artillery and mortar fire to check on the lead platoon that had suffered an explosion. Upon arriving he saw that he was needed to take charge. He rounded up other stragglers and formed his own squad, found a new route forward, and led like a boss. There was no one else around to lead, so this PFC with no prior combat set up the outpost, moved out to get more reinforcements, braving machinegun fire and grenades, even crawling through a minefield twice to get more stragglers! Three times his little outpost was attacked and they held strong, each time PFC Squires stood, ignoring enemy fire, returning hundreds of rounds back at the Germans. Moving off alone he engaged a group of 21 Germans in a point blank machinegun duel, killing or capturing all of them, as well as their weapons. He forced them to teach him to use their Spandau belt feds, placing them in his own outpost and teaching his men to use them. They held fast through the whole night, killing and capturing more Germans using the enemy’s own weapons. He acted with “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty”. PFC Squires  was killed later in the offensive in Italy. A Badass steps up when needed, even if he is just a messenger.

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The Star BM doesn’t have to be blue…


The nice solid steel construction of the Star BM makes a great platform for your imagination – in this case we imagined Burnt Bronze with black accents on the fire controls, black barrel and bushing, and contrasting bronze screws on the black grips. Thank you to LRK Mechanical in Prescott Arizona for the Cerakote work. We hope to have some other examples soon of what a Star can be… for now enjoy these pics.





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New California Ammo Delivery Restrictions

California residents please note: Prop 63 passed by the vote of the people of California and implements many new elements of gun control, including the elimination of direct mail order deliveries of ammunition to individual California gun owners.

Beginning in a few weeks, Jan 1, 2018, you will not be able to receive ammunition that was ordered online or via telephone and have it delivered to your house, unless you are an FFL dealer, or have a C&R license together with a COE. All other ammo transfers must go through an FFL dealer in a face to face transaction.

For most California gun owners, inexpensive and convenient ammo deliveries by UPS/FedEx will be a thing of the past. To avoid these invasive new regulations, stock up ahead of time. We will be shipping to California as long as we can. Please get your order placed in time to receive it before the end of the year.

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Star BM – the Spanish “1911”

The Star BM is the latest surplus pistol that we have brought in, a very handy and fun 9mm compact sidearm, with some cool features and interesting history. Check them out HERE


The Spanish Police started carrying the Star BM in the 1970’s and 80’s, and many were marked with Guardia Civil stampings on the frame and slide. It served Spain as a rugged and reliable handgun for many years, and now as surplus pistols, they are coming to the USA.

Based on Browning 1911 Commander pattern, the Star BM is a compact size gun, with a 4″ barrel with link and locking lug on top like a 1911, barrel bushing holding a full length guide rod, and a single action trigger. The manual thumb safety is very positive with a solid lock, allowing for “cocked and locked” carry. It has a long external extractor, slide serrations, and fixed sights. They are in standard 9mm caliber, (the slide is marked “9m/mP” which stands for “Parabellum”, another name for the standard 9mm Luger/9×19 round.)

Spanish steel was famous for hundreds of years, and the Star continues that reputation,  constructed of all steel parts, except the grips which are checkered black composite. It uses an 8rd single stack magazine. There are also two small areas on the gun where the police markings were removed prior to importation.

Since they are surplus, we are able to offer them at a great low price, making them a wonderful gun for home defense or concealed carry without getting the latest and greatest $600 – $700 pistol.

Below is a round up of the some reviewers that have loved shooting the Star BM from J&G Sales and produced some great videos for your enjoyment:


Military Arms Channel




The FireArm Guy

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