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How Fast is It?

The Tokarev is without a doubt a fast cartridge.  However, the velocities figures often given for the Tokarev reflect the cartridges performance form the longer barrel of submachine guns.  SMG barrels are typically 9 to 10 inches in length. The handguns … Continue reading

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The Tokarev Project(s)

Not quite a year ago I completed the first of the 1911’s in my Tokarev Project.   Here it is with its original barrel as I first completed it. My early successes and failures are all documented in this thread … Continue reading

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Remington 700, Barrel Threading

To fit a barrel blank to a rifle receiver you need a lathe.  The lathe I use is an Atlas/Clausing Model 5914. The barrel I am threading here is a Christensen Arms carbon fiber wrapped blank, .270 caliber with a … Continue reading

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Remington 700, M16 Extractor Install

When you alter the bolt face on the Remington 700 you have to chose a new extractor system.  The Sako style extractor seems to be the standard upgrade for 700s getting reworked.  I prefer the M16 style extractor.  I can … Continue reading

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A recently completed project, a S&W Model 19 rebarreled with a six inch Colt Python barrel.  Might as well upgrade barrels when you have to replace one that is trashed.  Also added is a double ball detent lock on the … Continue reading

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