Remington 700, M16 Extractor Install

When you alter the bolt face on the Remington 700 you have to chose a new extractor system.  The Sako style extractor seems to be the standard upgrade for 700s getting reworked.  I prefer the M16 style extractor.  I can not say the M16 is really better then the Sako extractor.  However, I do like that the M16 extractor applies direct spring pressure against the case rim which the Sako does not.

Shown here is a 700Ti bolt being cut to accept a M16 extractor.  This bolt was previously bushed and cut to a magnum bolt face.  This rifle will be going from a 270Win to a 270 Weatherby with a 26″ Christensen Arms carbon fiber wrapped barrel.

The first cut shown here sets the depth for the extractor to stop against.

Next the pocket is deepened to the level the spring needs for clearance.

Then the clearance for the pivot legs of the extractor.

Now the cut for the extractor is complete other then the cross pin.  And here is the unaltered extractor laid in the now modified bolt.

Next the bolt must be rotated ninety degrees to drill the cross pin hole.  This is accomplished with a 5C collet holder.  I apparently neglected to take a picture of the set up to rotate and level the bolt for drilling the cross pin.  Here the bolt just after the cross pin hole has been drilled.

Here the extractor is installed and is holding onto a 300 Win Mag cartridge.

Lastly the the lug is removed from the M16 extractor as it would interfere with the counter bore of a M700 barrel.  After mod’ing the extractor and a bit of clean, this is what the final install looks like.

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