Tok’11 No.2

This is the second 7.62x25mm 1911 conversion I have personally done.  Many have seen various pictures of this pistol in process.  And now it is finished.

This started as a complete fullsize Rock Island Armory 1911 chambered in .38 Super.

This started as their basic model.  The slide has been extensively lightened, in addition to the other custom work; Dawson sights, EGW fire controll, Ed Brown MaxiWell and grip safety, and of course, the J&G Sales 7.62x25mm 1911 barrel kit.

Slide lightening is not necessary for the Tokarev cartridge conversion.  However, the lightened slide combines very well with the 7.62x25mm cartridge in the 1911 platform.

The low projectile mass of the .30 Tokarev, combined with reduced mass of a lightened slide, makes for a pistol with very low felt recoil and muzzle flip.

These are Wilson 47SX magazines.  Here you can see they will accept six cartridges of factory length 7.62x25mm ammunition.  In this case Wolf Gold jacket hollow point.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hey I have a quick question for you, I am going to do the 1911 Tok conversion soon and I just wanted to get a definite answer. With factory length ammo I am looking at about 6-7 tops loaded into a magazine, but if I reseat them can I expect a full mags worth, say around 8 or 9? Mag in question would probably be a Mec Gar .38 Super 9 rounder.

    Oh also on a side note, do you know of any place to find some HP or JSP 7.62×25?

    Thanks for your time and help. Also love the new Tok’11 No.2.

  2. Kristofer_G says:

    Correct, with the factory Tokarev ammunition, either surplus or commercial, you will be able to load only six cartridges. This is because of the overall length of 7.62x25mm, which is very nearly 1.400″.

    With handloads set to an overall length of about 1.250″, you will be able to load up to the designed capacity of the magazine.

    Remember also not all magazines are created equal. While they cost a lot more, WC’s 47SX magazines have given the best performance. And not just with the 7.62mm, but shooting 9mm and .38S as well.

    ETA: Forgot about the JHP/SP. The only truly factory JHP available is Wold Gold. J&G is expecting some soon.

    Additionally there is Reed’s Ammo. I have no experience with their product. If you try them, I do suggest you stay with in Reed’s “Safe for TT-33” ammunition line.

  3. Wayne Smith says:

    Just purchased the J@G 7.62x25mm 1911 barrel kit, and I don’t even have a 1911.

    I have loaded 7.62x25mm for 15 years now and love the little cartridge. I like it best at 1250 fps. I have a great shooting CZ52. Mostly shoot JHP Hornady bullets, originally for 32 cal. I can easily load them shorter, 5 grains of red dot don’t take up much room in the case. Of course I have 1000 rounds of 1982 Yugo military rounds. Also have 500 cases from Starlite.

    I always loved shooting the 1911, expert pistol in the Navy with worn out guns.
    But after breaking my elbow and a bad shoulder I just don’t enjoy shooting the 45.

    So now I have to get a 1911 frame and slide looks like non ramped.
    Can you make a list of the guns/frames that would work with the
    conversion kit? Sure would help the undecided for getting this kit.

    Also the video has 10 rounds going off, were these handloads at 1.250″?

    • Wayne Smith says:

      Kristofer, I don’t want to spend a fortune on this right now, can always add cool stuff later. Already out $190 for the conversion kit. Money well spent.

      I have three choices right now:
      Taurus 1911 in 38 Super – I want it in stainless.
      Armscor 1911 in 38 Super – nickel finish
      Rock Island in 38 Super – parkerized finish

      All are under $500, you are a gunsmith – which would you use if you liked a pimped out finish like I do. This project is to shoot at 25 yards up to 100 yards, not a defense or carry gun.

      • Kristofer_G says:

        While I have not owned Taurus PT1911 myself, the .38 Supers are available as real bargains right now. I consider them a substantial step up from the RIA, for very little difference in price. Particularly if you want stainless, which Armscor/RIA does not offer. On the PT1911 both frame and slide are forged, in addition to a number of other common upgrades over the GI pattern 1911s.

        Both Armscor/RIA and Taurus have good reputations regarding their 1911s, so I would purchase either without concern, if I were to purchase a complete 1911.

  4. Wayne Smith says:

    Thank you, as soon as I saw your reply I purchased the stainless Taurus for $449, that is a great price. Knowing J&G Sales I will probably get the conversion kit tomorrow. Never seen a company ship as fast as they do. Faster than a letter by far.

    How much work via a gunsmith does the 7.62×25 conversion kit take? Just changing the barrel and other pieces is easy. Is it easy to switch back to 38 Super?

    If it is very difficult to switch I just might not fire the 38 barrell and bushing and sell it.

    • Kristofer_G says:

      The barrel needs to be fit and the springs provided installed. The barrels are cut to minimal fitting, drop in dimensions. For the several barrel and gun combos I have gotten feed back on, only the hood has been requiring fitting. However, 1911s are quite varried, so additional fitting may be needed in some cases.

      Once the kit is installed, changing between 7.62×25, .38 Super, and 9x19mm is as simple as swapping between barrels you have fitted to the guns. The springs provided are tuned to the Tokarev’s needs, but are compatible with both 9mm and .38 Super in SAAMI compliant loadings.

  5. Tyler M says:

    Would this work just as well in a double stack 1911 platform?

    • Kristofer_G says:

      Yes, provided the double stack frame is compatible with a non-ramped barrel. I am aware of three frame which can be had with a standard ramps; Caspian High Capacity, STI 2011, and RIA 1911A2.

      The RIA 1911A2 seems to be available only as a complete pistol in .45ACP currently. The other two are available as component frames.

      I do not know how factory length Tokarev ammunition will behave in the double stack mags. The extra wiggle room of a double column magazines may allow more cartridges to be loaded. It is not likely to be to the full capacity of the magazine. My guess is 10-12 rounds.

  6. Wayne Smith says:

    Got my Taurus PT1911 Stainless in 38 Super today. Also got the J&G conversion kit.
    Already fitted it to the slide. The Barrell bushing is really tight, can it be lapped in?

    I think after looking at the 38 Super magazine and target ammo it looks like you really have to shorten the 7.62×25.

    Kristofer, I think you have invented a new round, tokarev short or 7.62×25 short.

  7. Wayne Smith says:

    I have to load up a bunch of tokarev shorts and see how they work in my CZ52, I would think they would work just fine.

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