Glokarev barrels?

Since the release of the 7.62x25mm 1911 barrels, we have received a number of requests to offer barrel in 7.62x25mm for other platforms.  Foremost among the platforms mentioned is Glock.  As a Glock shooter myself, it was one of the first platforms I looked at while I was first doing 1911 barrels.  I discovered the Glock has some issues in getting along with the Tokarev cartridge.  Please take a minute to read through these limitations and then vote in the poll.

First is the basic issue all platforms not designed specifically for the 7.62x25mm suffer from; insufficient magazine length.  A 9x19mm Glock model will be a single shot with factory length 7.62x25mm ammo.  The Glock Model 20 does better.  Its magazine will take ten or more factory cartridges, although you will have to squeeze the feed lips together a bit since the Tokarev case is narrower then the 10mm.

The second issue is more complex.  The Glock’s mechanism is inadequate for reliable ignition with much of the surplus ammunition.  In my testing Polish and Yugo surplus, both required a minimum of three strikes to fire.  100% failed to fire on one hit, and 100% failed to fire on two hits.  This means a Glokarev pistol would be limited to commercial or hand loaded ammunition.

It maybe possible to put together a combination of custom parts to make surplus ammunition viable.  I do not believe this is the case, because of how far from working it is in stock trim.  I have not tried any combination of after market parts to solve the ignition problem at this point.  So taking into consideration the limitations described, would you be interested in purchasing a Glokarev barrel?

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