7.62x25mm 1911 Barrel Notice

Dear J&G Customer,

It has come to our attention that a small percentage of the available surplus 7.62x25mm ammunition has weak case heads.  When these cartridges are fired in our new 1911 barrels, this combination can result in a case head failure.  In order to avoid this, we recommend our barrels not be used to fire surplus 7.62x25mm.  Modern commercial 7.62x25mm ammunition is acceptable for use in these barrels.

Our barrels have been redesigned to also allow the use of most surplus ammo. Any one who wishes to exchange their current barrel for one of the new upgraded barrels should contact myself, Kristofer Gulbrandsen, the gunsmith at J&G Sales. The next batch of barrels is several weeks from completion, however anyone desiring an exchange will be given preference over new orders.

Kristofer Gulbrandsen



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4 Responses to 7.62x25mm 1911 Barrel Notice

  1. Kyle says:

    When will there be a 7.62×25 kit for .45 cal 1911’s??

  2. Wayne Smith says:

    I have several thousand surplus rounds, mostly 1982, The 1950 rounds were problems.

    I was having trouble finding a gunsmith I could trust with my Taurus PT1911 in 38 Super.
    I want to exchange my J&G Sales 7.62×25 conversion kits as soon as possible. I will call t find out what I need to do.

    Thank you for letting us know.

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