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7.62mm 1911 Barrels Available Now

J&G sales 7.62x25mm 1911 barrels are now in stock.  The standard 5″ non-ramped barrels like these. As well as a new variant a 6″ Wilson/Nowlin ramped barrel. This barrel will fit Kimber, Springfield, and STI 9mm or .38 Super full size 1911 … Continue reading

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Saiga-12 US Conversions

In the market of ready made US converted Saiga-12s it is difficult to judge the quality of one conversion against another. There are features common to all conversions. The installation of AK-47 style butt stock and pistol grip, along with the … Continue reading

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7.62mm 1911 Update

After many delays, J&G is again receiving 7.62x25mm Tokarev barrels for 9mm & .38 1911 Government model pistols.  The first shipment has been received and is reserved for those who have first run barrels they wish to exchange.  In fact … Continue reading

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