7.62mm 1911 Update

After many delays, J&G is again receiving 7.62x25mm Tokarev barrels for 9mm & .38 1911 Government model pistols.  The first shipment has been received and is reserved for those who have first run barrels they wish to exchange.  In fact those of you who had already returned your first run barrels should be receiving your replacement barrel in the next few days.

There are a few differences between the first run barrels (1st-Gen) and the current production barrels (2nd-Gen).  Before I cover the changes I will mention what has not changed, these are still 5″ Government model 1911 barrels.  Compatible with any 9x19mm or .38 Super Auto 1911 which accommodates a standard non-ramped barrel.

The first apparent change is the alteration in markings.  The first run barrel is on top, with the 2nd-Gen barrel on bottom.  This allows easy identification of what barrel variant you have.

Next is the main difference in regard to case support and maximum ammunition compatibility.  The chamber chamfer has been significantly reconfigured.

Most apparent is the reduction of how far the chamfer extends around the circumference of the chamber mouth.

Less obvious is that the chamfer angle has also been reduced.  This means the chamfer extends a reduced distance into the chamber.  These two changes combined greatly increase the case head support.

Lastly, as a product improvement measure, the rifling pattern has been altered as well.  The first run barrels had an eight groove right hand twist, as in the picture above.  While the 2nd-Gen barrels feature a six groove left hand twist as seen in the picture below.

All these updates make the 2nd-Gen barrels a great improvement over the first run variants.  I tested the 2nd-Gen barrels in three test pistols.  The first two pistols were of course Tok’11s #1 & #2, refit with new 2nd-Gen barrels.  The third test pistol is a Taurus PT1911 .38 Super.  This PT1911 is in factory trim with the exception of the installation of a 2nd-Gen 7.62mm barrel and spring kit.

Each pistol was shot with a minimum 100 rounds of Polish surplus.  The Polish surplus is the ammunition which exhibited the weak case heads that made the 2nd-Gen barrel design a reality.  The three pistols were also fired with Yugo surplus, Sellier & Bellot FMJ, and some hand loads as well.  There were no functional problems among the three pistols.  More importantly, there were no signs of case head weakness shown on any of the fired brass.

I know there are several out there waiting to get their hands on one of these barrels.  In the next few weeks we should be receiving additional barrels which will be for sale.  Keep an eye on J&G Sales’s new website for availability.

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6 Responses to 7.62mm 1911 Update

  1. larry white says:

    I recently purchased a suomi rifle I would be interested in trying to run a 7.62x 25 barrel at 16″
    to fit in place of the 9mm barrel provided . Would this be possible?
    I have discussed the magazine requirements with a competent gun builder and would be happy to share in my success if you could offer the barrel

  2. Carmen Volio says:

    I would be interested to know if that would also work in a thompson 1911 38 super I have owned one for a while and would like to try it if it is possible please let me know

  3. Jim from Hatboro says:

    I was wondering if J&G has any plans to make 9mm conversion barrels for the CZ-52 and/or TT-33 — as supplies of surplus 7.62×25 ammo dry up, I think more folks would love the option of a 9mm barrel for their East Bloc Tok guns.

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