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My 7.62x25mm 1911; Tok’11 No.1

The original J&G Sales’ Tokarev 1911 pistol.  Originally fitted with GI barrels, lined with stubs of .30cal blanks.  Now fitted a 2nd generation production barrel.  Recently refinished by the Blues Brothers in a satin hot blue. I have people ask … Continue reading

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Baby Sako action, .300 Blackout Rifle

.300 Blackout Rifle build list includes: Sako L461 action Pac-Nor 5T 1/8″ stainless barrel blank, finished at 16.15″ McMillan A2 stock Tuned Timeny trigger Custom piccatiny rail vent rib, for night vision YHM Stainless Q.D. Phantom 7.62 suppressor Overall length … Continue reading

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Loading the Tokarev

For many cheap ammo is the sole attraction of the Tokarev cartridge, whether fired from CZ52, TT, or 1911.  Unfortunately, the supply of truly cheap surplus seems to be gone.  Even my Tok’11 is firing more 9mm than 7.62mm these … Continue reading

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1911 Barrel Ramp Identification

It is important to determine what ramp configuration your 1911 has, if you wish to re-barrel barrel. The best barrel ramp identification guide I have seen is published by Schuemman Barrels. It can be found on their website under “Information”. J&G offers … Continue reading

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