Whippet Good

Ever find your shotgun is too long?  30″ barrel, is this a .338 Snipe-Tac?  Nope, just a 12 gauge.  Ridiculous.savage01_30-too-long

Let’s take a bit of that excess off.  About 17″ should fix it.

savage02_lets-take-some-offTime for a hack saw…

savage03_making-the-cutOops, maybe that was too much?

savage04_the-aftermathNah, thirteen inches.  Just right.


I think the bore is a bit off center though.  But the crown is clean so I should be able to maintain 1 MOA patterns through one yard.


The extra barrel is longer then the actual barrel.

savage06_front-fell-offWhippet.  In addition to the M1918 BARs they stole from National Guard Armories, infamous bank robbers Bonnie & Clyde were also partial to several other Browning designs.  Among them the Auto-5 shotgun.  Often they found commercial and military firearms overly long for their line of work.  They referred to their cut down rifles and shotguns as Whippets.

savage07_whippet-goodThe pictures simply do not convey how cool this gun is.  If Arizona ever thaws out, I definitely plan on a video up date.  Even non-gun people grin when they hold it.  It is irresistible.  Auto-5 pattern guns look unwieldy, but the hump backs point naturally.  Browning knew what he was doing.

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5 Responses to Whippet Good

  1. David smith says:

    Very interesting Sir. Good work.


  2. Love it. Being from California, i’m going to assume that is illegal for me to do (duh!!!)

  3. Phil Briggs says:

    Wouldn’t that be an illegal length? I’d not take it off the farm, for fear of ATF making a call…
    ‘this’ is what they got Randy Weaver on… (Ruby Ridge massacre)

    • Kristofer_G says:

      Off the farm? It is posted on the internet. On a page with my Christian name at the top. As well as that of my employer, which is an 01/03 FFL. Taking this all into account, which of these following scenarios is most likely?

      1.) It is an illegal firearm.

      2.) It is a legal firearm. 😉

      There is a hint there for you.

      Be sure to obey all federal, state, and local laws. It’s for the children.

  4. Phil Briggs says:

    I guess, if you sent Uncle Sam his $200.

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