Savage SBS

I bought a wood forearm for the Savage SBS.  The Ramline piece, while functional, is ugly. This part is from Numrich Gun Parts, and is described as a “shock absorbing forearm”.

sav-auto-12_new-woodWhat it looks like to me is some one made a run of forearms that were too short.  And then made a plastic bushing fill the gap.  Still, it works with the stubby barrel on the SBS.

What is the spread like on a 13″ barrel 12 gauge?  The following targets show the patterns produced by the Savage SBS with S&B #1B, twelve pellet load.

sav-auto-12_pattern-5y-10yIf I recall correctly the dots are 1.5 inch diameter patches that come with the large Shoot-N-C targets.  At five yards the pattern is covering about 5 inches and just over 10 inches at ten yards.

sav-auto-12_pattern-15yHere are fifteen yards coverage is 14 to 15 inches.  And I lost two pallets over the top of the board.sav-auto-12_pattern-20yBy twenty yards the pattern is huge.  There are nine pellets on this board covering over 2 feet.  So yeah, shot barrel and no choke make it a real scatter gun.

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