Savage SBS Refinished

Finally got my Savage Automatic SBS refinished in satin hot blue.  It looks fantastic.  My thanks to Jerry and Jesse at Blues Brothers.


The “bead sight” is a Dawson Precision tritium front sight, meant for a 1911, on a custom ramp made from a Ruger Blackhawk front sight.


I highlighted with neon lime green paint.

sav_auto_sbs_blued03I took this shotgun with me to a two day ASAA defensive shotgun class several weeks ago.  I was mentally prepared to be beat up.  However, it was pleasant to shoot in quantity(250+ rounds of mixed bird, buck, and slug).

I was surprised to learn how the effectiveness of a 12 gauge was affected by a 13″ barrel. In that it did not seem to be reduced at all.  Buckshot patterns produced with my 13″ no choke barrel were right in line with what the typical factory trim 870 or 500 riot barrel delivered.  And I had not trouble delivering COM hits with slugs at 25m either.

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