Marlin 1894 .357 Magnum Suppressed

This is a Wild West Guns tuned Marlin 1894.  It came in to me already tuned by them, with the blackened wood and parkerizing.  The owner had seen a Hickok45 video featuring a SBR’ed Rossi Ranch Hand and thought his 1894 needed some muzzle threads.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_01csThe magazine tube was flush with the muzzle in its previous configuration.  The barrel was 16 & 5/8 inches long.  I have to shorten it about an 1/4″ to clean up the original magazine cap dovetail.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_02csThe work done was threading the muzzle and cutting the new dovetail for the mag cap retainer.  I also shortened the magazine tube to fit.  I installed the XS Scout rial with peep sights at the same time.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_03csThis worked out, because the XS front sight has a much smaller island, which cleared the threads.  If I was reusing the factory sight base it would need to be moved back.  This would require at least one new hole drill and tapped into the barrel.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_04csThe XS sights are also tall enough to easily clear the typical 1.375″ OD body which has become standard on pistol suppressors.  It is pictured here with a Thompson Machine Isis-2 9mm suppressor.

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