We recently received MATEN barrels from Mega Arms.  These are .308 Winchester, medium contoured, 416 stainless steel barrels, finished in black nitride.  With a sub-1MOA guaranty.  This barrel allowed me to finish a MTS upper which has been waiting on a barrel.

mega-mts-maten_05csMega MATEN MTS with a Mega Arms 16″ mid-length barrel.  And a Geissele SD-E fire control group.

mega-mts-maten_02csPRI folding front sight gas block assembly and folding rear BUIS.  I don’t know what optics are planned for this gun.

mega-mts-maten_03csThe stock is the Magpuls UBR with a Slash’s Heavy Buffers CAR-10 buffer and Sprinco “Orange” chrome silicon spring.

mega-mts-maten_04csThe mount brake is a SAS TOMB awaiting an Arbiter suppressor.


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