.270 Weatherby No.2

In posting about our avaiable Christensen Arms barrels I realized I had never posted the completed rifle used in my M16 extractor install, barrel threading, and chambering posts.

270wby2_00447.5″ in overall length with a 27″ Christensen Arms barrel.  As pictured this rifle weighs in at 8.8 pounds.

270wby2_005The HiViz X-coil pad helps a lot with recoil, although not enough to even suggest that this rifle is pleasant when shooting from the bench.  This rifle is called No.2 as its owners second .270 Weatherby caliber 700.  The first is a steel receivered factory gun which on which the barrel was wrapped by Christensen Arms years ago when they offered that service.


For that gun, which is noticeably heavier because of the steel receiver and McMillan stock, the owner has a great 130 Scirocco II load.  For this lighter rifle I worked up a load with a Barnes 110gr Tipped TSX bullet.  I do not know how much recoil was reduced as the velocity for this gun ended up being 3780fps at the muzzle.

270wby2_002This same load in another customer’s hands (and similar rifle I built on a Winchester Model 70 also with a 27″ CA barrel) took a mule deer at 220 yards and an antelope at 790 yards this past year.  With perfect performance, through and through penetration, on both animals.


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