Model 64, Because Build

I consider my self a practical gunsmith.  Not that my customers are exclusively of the practical shooting community, although many are, but because the firearms I build are built to be used.  As such, rifles I build tend to be geared for a specific hunt.  Like wise, handguns tend to fall into USPSA divisions or other competition rules.  This is not one of those builds, it is just done how the customer wanted.

64ppc-comp_1This Smith & Wesson Model 64 started out as a Brinks trade in.  It was rebuilt to customer specifications with a PPC style, slab sided, bull barrel featuring an integral compensator.  An Aristocrat aluminium sight rib and under lug are used.  The later was shortened to a half lug.

64ppc-comp_3As far as my understanding goes the combination of iron sights and comp make this revolver illegal or uncompetitive in most organised competitions.  Regardless it is great fun on the range.  It is well balanced with aluminium sight rib, short under lug, and slab sided barrel.  While a heavy .38 Special does not have much in the way of muzzle flip, what little there was is eliminated by the comp.

64ppc-comp_2Although they are not very practical, it is refreshing to build an outlaw gun, one which does not conform to the occasionally arbitrary rules of competition shooting.

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  1. Back when Ron Power was still active building PPC revolvers, he offered his Grandmaster conversion with a threaded muzzle and two matching nose pieces. One was an expansion chamber compensator, and the other was solid for those matches where porting or comps were not allowed. The compensator would be legal in Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, or ICORE, but it probably wouldn’t be competitive without an optic.

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