Badass Report: Prvt 1st Class Ralph Dias.

Another Badass Report!

Private 1st Class Ralph E. Dias of USMC 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, earned the Medal of Honor on Nov 12th 1969 at Que Son in Vietnam. He and his unit were pinned down and sustaining casualties, so Dias got up and charged alone toward the enemy machinegun bunker. We was shot while running and crawled behind a rock. Catching his breath, he ran closer again, and was shot a second time! Unable to walk, he continued to crawl a third time across the open to get near the enemy. After tossing some grenades he realized he was not close enough, and out of sheer determination crawled out again to get closer and was shot yet again. As he threw his last grenades, they found their mark and destroyed the enemy machinegun. He was then shot yet again and died of his wounds. He gallantly gave his life in the service to his country and the traditions of the Marine Corp, and was a true badass.

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