Badass Report: Lt Col George Mabry

Another Badass Report! On this day Nov 20th, 1944, Lt Col George Mabry, US Army, 4th ID, in the Hurtgen Forest, earned the Medal of Honor. Early in an assault his men were halted by a minefield combined with heavy enemy fire. Alone he entered the minefield and found a safe route through. Then ahead of all his men Col Mabry cut through the concertina wire and disabled the explosive boobytraps in it. He then alone charged and captured 3 enemy foxholes with his bayonet! Moving again ahead of his men, he captured 3 log bunkers, killing 9 German enemies in hand to hand combat with the butt of his rifle or bayonet. He then charged the main bunker, killing 6 more Nazis with his bayonet. From this captured high ground he and his men were able to open the approach to Cologne for allied forces. Crossing minefields, repeatedly bayoneting enemies, and never stopping, shows Col Mabry’s superlative courage, daring, and leadership, and earned him the Medal of Honor, making him a true badass!

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