Badass Report: Capt. William Barber

Another Badass Report: Capt William Barber, 1st Marine Division, on this day Dec 2, 1950 in the Chosin Reservoir, earned the Medal of Honor. His troops were battle weary and dug in at night to defend a 3-mile pass that was the only supply line to the division, when they were attacked by a full regiment of enemy! They fought all night and ended up completely surrounded and with many casualties, but refused to leave, assuring higher-ups that with some airdrops they could keep holding. Although severely wounded in the leg, Capt Barber had himself carried up and down the lines on a stretcher to encourage and inspire his men. The battle lasted 5 days and 6 nights in the subzero snow, during which his small company killed over 1000 of the enemy! When the company was finally relieved, only 82 of his original 220 men were able to walk away from the battle! His steadfast leadership holding the pass allowed the full division to move from the deathtrap in the Chosin Reservoir sector, earned him the Medal of Honor, and gets him listed as a true badass!

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