Badass Report: Pfc. Dirk Vlug

One man against five tanks – no problem if you’re Dirk Vlug…

Another Badass Report! Pfc Dirk Vlug, US Army, 32nd ID, on Dec 15, 1944 in the Philippines, earned the Medal of Honor and the title of Badass. While guarding a roadblock his position was attacked by enemy tanks. Alone with only an anti-tank launcher, 6 rockets for it, and a pistol he counterattacked, advancing under machine gun fire and single-handedly destroyed the first tank with a rocket, then killing the occupants of the second with his pistol when they dismounted, driving the rest back into their tank which he then promptly destroyed with a rocket. He then flanked the road and destroyed in sequence three more tanks! One man alone against five tanks – and he won. That makes him a Badass, and a Medal of Honor winner!

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