Badass Report: Sgt. Robert Gerstung

Hour after hour alone with a belt-fed…

Another Badass Report: On this day Dec 19, 1944, Sgt. Robert E. Gerstung US Army, was awarded the Medal of Honor and showed everyone how to be a badass. His heavy machine-gun squad was ordered to a position on the Siegfried Line and for a full 8 hours he ran his belt-fed machine-gun under intense enemy artillery fire. The rest of his squad became casualties but he stayed alone at the gun, running it single-handedly hour after hour. When he ran out of ammo he dashed through the open fields in a hail of bullets to get more belts of ammo and continued running his gun. When a round disabled his gun, he again crawled through the open to get another machine-gun, and just kept going at it alone in his position. He even got shot in the hand but it did nothing but rip his glove off! Finally when the order to retire was given, he stayed at his gun alone to cover the withdrawal. Leaving last he walking backward, belt-fed in hand, ammo draped over his shoulders, raking the Germans with fire as he retreated. His legs were injured by a mortar round but he continued by crawling, still dragging the gun and firing at the enemy! An unstoppably force, Sgt, Gerstung showed courageous devotion, and hard core badass-ness!

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