Badass Report: Sgt Junior Edward

Three charges up the hill alone with an armload of grenades…

Another Badass Report: On this day Jan 2, 1951 in Korea, Sgt Junior Edwards earned the Medal of Honor and demonstrated that he was a true badass. His platoon was forced out of position by machinegun emplacements dug in on the high ground, pouring fire down on them. By himself, with as many grenades as he could carry, Sgt Junior Edwards charged alone, throwing grenades as he went, and clearing a machinegun position. But then he was out of grenades and he returned for more. He then charged up a second time with all the grenades he could handle, and killed and neutralized another emplacement. Once out of grenades he replenished again under fire and charged a third time alone up to the enemy, tossing grenades till he was out, taking out the enemy and finally allowing his unit to regain the hill tops. He was mortally wounded on his third charge. Sgt Edwards showed how a badass gets it done, charging alone three times up the hills lobbing grenades the whole time. He went above and beyond and truly earned the Medal of Honor.

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