Badass Report: Maj Patrick Henry Brady

He had to use 3 helicopters to do it but…

Another Badass Report. On this day, Jan 6th, 1968 in Vietnam, Major Patrick Henry Brady showed extreme bravery and earned the Medal of Honor. Maj. Brady was in command of a UH-1H helicopter when the call came in to rescue wounded Americans that were surrounded in enemy territory and the landing zone was covered in dense fog. No problem for Maj Brady who volunteered to go. In the midst of heavy enemy fire and fog he found the LZ and loaded up with wounded. He then went back to other LZ’s over and over to rescue more in the area even after other aircraft had been shot down or turned away by fire! His helo was badly damaged twice and both times he was able to limp it back and switch Hueys to continue flying missions. He went in to hot LZ’s numerous times that day, one time landing in an active minefield where soldiers were trapped. He had to use 3 different helicopters but he rescued 51 men in total in one day – displaying immense courage and showing how much of a badass pilot he really was. Read more at

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