Badass Report: Jose Calugas.

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On this day Jan 16th 1942, Jose Calugas earned the Medal of Honor in Bataan Philippines. Not only was he a cook on KP duty that chose to be a Badass, he was the only Filipino to earn the Medal of Honor in WWII. When the morning of Jan 16th dawned he was mess sergeant with the 88th Artillery Brigade making breakfast. During the raging battle that began that day, an essential forward artillery gun placement was knocked out by enemy fire, killing all its crew. Jose notices the gun is out and gathers a group to crawl half a mile through the fire to get the gun back in action. Almost all of them turned back except Jose and one other. They make it through, repair the gun, and fire it alone the rest of the day, holding off the Japanese till evening. He then returns to his unit and begins cooking dinner for everyone like nothing happened.

Unfortunately several weeks later the US forces at Bataan are all captured including Jose, and forced on the infamous “Bataan Death March”. But Jose survives the march and his following time as a POW, becomes an American citizen after the war, works for Boeing the next 27 years and dies at the age of 90 in Tacoma WA. Truly a badass.

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