Badass Report: Lt Audie Murphy

A Special Badass Report today! The famous Audie Murphy earned his Medal of Honor on this day, Jan 26, 1945, as depicted in the film “To Hell And Back”, in which he played himself.

Lt Audie Murphy commanded Company B, which was attacked by overwhelming German forces. He ordered everyone to hide in the woods while he remained forward and continued to give fire directions to the artillery by telephone. When the enemy tanks were even with his position, Murphy climbed on a nearby burning tank in danger of blowing up at any moment, and used its .50 caliber machinegun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to German fire from 3 sides, but handling the belt fed like a badass, killing dozens of enemy and holding them back. For an hour the Germans tried every available weapon to eliminate Murphy, but he continued to hold his position. Germans reached as close as 10 yards, only to be mowed down by his fire. He received a leg wound, but ignored it and continued the single-handed fight until his ammunition was exhausted. He then made his way to his company, refused medical attention, and organized the company in a counterattack which forced the Germans to withdraw. The Medal of Honor was just one of many awards earned by Audie Murphy in combat. He was truly a badass.

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