Badass Report: Cpl Larry L Maxam

Shot, grenaded, and hit by a rocket, he never gave up…

Another Badass Report! On this day Feb 2nd 1968, in CamLo Vietnam, USMC Corporal Larry L Maxam earned the Medal of Honor. His is a story of never stopping no matter how many times he was wounded. During an intense bombardment of their main base headquarters by heavy rocket, artillery, mortar, and recoil-less rifle fire from a large enemy force, Cpl. Maxam took initiative to defend the weakened section of the perimeter completely exposed to the concentrated enemy fire. Over the duration of the 11 hour battle, he sustained multiple fragmentation wounds from exploding grenades, then received a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade (RPG), wounding his face and right eye. Cpl. Maxam courageously resumed his firing position and was then shot by small-arms fire. However he continued to return fire. The North Vietnamese then wounded him twice more with grenades, and finally he got hit by a recoil-less rifle round, being wounded again. After 11 hours, and being repeatedly wounded by rifle rounds, grenades, mortar fire, and RPG’s, he succumbed to his wounds, having successfully defended nearly half of the perimeter single-handedly. He was one courageous badass Marine.

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