Badass Report: Stanley T. Adams

Grenades literally bouncing off him…

Another Badass Report! The unstoppable Master sergeant Stanley T Adams earned the Medal of Honor on this day in 1951 in South Korea. Sgt. Adams’ small platoon came under attack by 250 enemy troops, on three sides! He saw the enemy silhouetted against the skyline advancing on him so naturally he leaped to his feet, told his men to fix bayonets, and with 13 members of his platoon, charged the much larger force! While charging Sgt. Adams was shot by a bullet and knocked to the ground but got back up, ignoring his wound, and continued the charge. He was knocked down 4 more times when grenades literally bounced off his chest and exploded near him! Completing the charge he and his men engaged in hand-to-hand combat with bayonet and rifle butt and after an hour of vicious action Sgt. Adams and his men killed over 50 enemy and forced the rest to run as fast as they could. A badass with a chest of steel – and well deserving of the Medal of Honor.

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