Badass Report: Pfc. Manuel Perez

One man takes out 23 enemy in close quarters…

Another Badass Report! On this day Feb 13th 1945 Pfc Manuel Perez killed 23 enemy in close quarters and hand to hand combat! He was lead scout for his company in Luzon Philippines Islands when he came upon several embedded Jap pillboxes. He attacked and killed 5 Japanese in the open and began grenading the other pillboxes. In the face of 2 twin-mount .50-caliber machineguns in the last pillbox, he got to 20 yards of the enemy position and charged – beginning his onslaught. Manuel killed 4 enemy at the pill box then pursued the enemy into a tunnel and killed 4 more. He then reloaded and killed 4 more! when an running Jap threw his rifle with fixed bayonet like a spear at him, seized the Jap rifle, continued firing and killed 2 more. But there was more to do, so he rushed the remaining Japanese, killed 3 more with the butt of the rifle, and in the pillbox he bayoneted the 1 surviving hostile soldier. Pfc Manuel Perez killed 23 of the enemy in neutralizing the position. Not a soldier to mess with, a badass, and a deserving recipient of the Medal of Honor!

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