Badass Report: Lt. Jack Mathis, Bombadier.

Duty above all else…

Another Badass Report. In 1943, 1st Lt. Jack Mathis went beyond the call of duty, earned the Medal of Honor, and showed everyone he was a badass. Lt. Mathis was the lead bombardier for his squadron’s run over Vegesack, Germany, meaning all the bombers depended on him to know when to drop their payloads. They encountered intense and accurate antiaircraft fire just as they were starting the bomb run. He was lined up at his bomb sight in the nose when he was hit by antiaircraft fire. His right arm was destroyed, and his rib cage and abdomen were torn open, and the blast threw him to the rear of the compartment. He knew the accuracy of the whole mission depended on him, so Lt. Mathis put duty above himself, and by sheer willpower dragged himself back to his bomb sight, although mortally wounded, and released his bombs on target before dying. As the result of this action the planes of his squadron placed their bombs directly upon the assigned target for a perfect attack against the enemy. In his mortally wounded condition he had every right to give in, but chose not to until his duty was performed. An example to all of true badassness.

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