Badass Report: Capt. Jack Treadwell

A one man whirlwind of destruction!

Another Badass Report! Capt. Jack Treadwell, US Army, earned the Medal of Honor on this day in 1945 while assaulting the Siegfried line in Germany. His men had been pinned down for hours, and after 8 of his men were sent forward to attack, all became casualties, and he decided to attack alone. With his sub-gun and grenades he charged through intense fire, grenading the first pillbox, killing and capturing several Germans. He went from pillbox to pillbox, a one man whirlwind, capturing and killing enemy over and over, including the German Commander of the emplacement. He never slackened, reaching the crest of the hill and continuing down the other side, taking out three more pillboxes. He so weakened the German position that his company was able to rally behind him and break through the Seigfried line. During his one man offensive Capt Treadwell was able to take out at least six pillboxes and capture 18 prisoners, killing several more, in the face of continuous enemy fire. Truly an unstoppable badass.

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