Badass Report: Sgt. Peter C. Lemon

Badass perseverance…

Another Badass Report! Sgt. Peter C. Lemon, US Army, earned the Medal of Honor on this day in 1970, in Vietnam. Sgt Lemon was a machine gunner at Fire Support Base Illingworth, when the base came under heavy enemy attack. He was defending the perimeter with his machine gun until it malfunctioned, so he grabbed another and kept going until that one malfunctioned too. Although wounded from grenade shrapnel, Sgt Lemon kept going by tossing grenades until he was out, and then pursuing the remaining enemy in his area and killing him by hand! He returned to his position, carrying a wounded comrade with him, and got shot on the way but made it back. He knew he was still needed on the perimeter which was in danger of being overrun, so although wounded twice, he charged again with grenades until out and then engaged in hand to hand combat. He got wounded a third time, but would not give up. Grabbing a machine gun nearby, he climbed an embankment and stood exposed, firing as long as he could until he collapsed from lack of blood and exhaustion. He was evacuated and lives today in the US, a model of perseverance and badassness.

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