Badass Report: 1Lt Francis (Frank) X. Burke

In the thick of it alone attacking Germans…

Another Badass report! Francis (Frank) X. Burke, 1Lt US Army, definitely earned the Medal of Honor on this day in Germany in WWII. His citation states, “he fought with extreme gallantry” and that is indeed true. He was in the streets of war-torn Nuremberg rooting out fanatical defenders of this headquarters of Nazism.

He was a motor-pool officer that decided he wanted to participate more directly in the fight. Moving ahead alone he found 10 Germans, so he grabbed a machine gun and single-handedly attacked. The Germans opened up on him from multiple positions with machinegun and rocket fire, but he pushed through and killed enough that the rest fled. He then began clearing buildings alone, found a sniper in a basement and ran right at the window, firing full auto the whole time, then dived through the window into the basement to finish the job. His gun was now no longer working, so he loaded up on grenades, pulled the pins from 2 grenades, and, holding 1 in each hand, rushed the next enemy-held building. Just as he was tossing his explosives, a German grenade was thrown and all three went off. The triple explosion killed all the Germans, but Lt Frank Burke emerged from the smoke only dazed. He grabbed the nearest rifle and charged the next Nazi position, killing all of them.

Figuring he had done enough on his own, he regrouped with his unit for another 4 hours of driving off Germans. All told, this motor-pool officer that wanted to be in the thick of it before the war ended, killed or wounded 14 Germans on his own, and another 29 with his unit. His voluntary and courageous mission showed him to be a true badass, and a worthy Medal of Honor winner.

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