Badass Report: Sgt. Maynard Smith.

His very first bomber mission turned bad…

Another Badass Report! On this day in 1943 in the skies over Europe, Sgt. Maynard Smith showed how much of a badass he was, and earned the Medal of Honor. Sgt. Smith was on his very first mission as a bomber ball turret gunner over Nazi occupied France. Their bomber was heavily damaged by enemy fighters and flak, and burst into flame as several fuel tanks were hit. The plane was severely damaged, several crew were injured, and 3 others bailed out over the sea. Sgt. Smith spent the next 90 minutes scrambling around the plane, tending the wounded, fighting fires, tossing exploding ammo and burning equipment overboard through holes in the plane, and jumping alternately from gun to gun to fend off attacking German fighter planes. The oxygen fed fires were so hot the fuselage was beginning to melt, and once all firefighting aids were used up, he resorted wrapping himself in a blanket for protection, and urinating on the flames. He worked tirelessly to put out the flames, drive off all the German attacks, and tend the wounded. Upon landing in England the bomber broke into pieces. It was melted and had over 3,500 bullet holes in it. Sgt. Maynard is credited with saving his 6 crew members and allowing the plane to make it home. A real badass of the skies.

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