Badass Report: PFC John D. Kelly

A one man whirlwind of badassness…

Another Badass Report! U.S. Marine Corps PFC John D. Kelly earned the Medal of Honor on this day in Korea in 1952 for being a badass Marine! Although he was the radio operator for his Platoon he saw they were in grave need, pinned down by a much larger force and suffering under a barrage of mortar, artillery, grenade, and rifle fire, so he volunteered to join the front line. This brave deed cost him his life, but not before he fearlessly charged forward in the face of a hail of machine gun fire and exploding grenades. He first charged an enemy strongpoint and basically alone took out the position, killing those inside. Then he pushed forward and single-handedly assaulted a machine gun bunker. He was wounded and in pain but didn’t let it slow him down, attacking and destroying the bunker, killing 3 more enemy. But he was not done with his rampage, courageously continuing his one-man assault, he stormed forward to a third bunker delivering pointblank fire into the enemy inside and catching enemy fire in this third assault leading to his death. His one man whirlwind of badassness inspired his comrades to sweep on and overrun the objective. An example of bravery and volunteering when the need demanded it.

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