Badass Report: George “Bud” Everett Day USAF

Escape, evade, and survive as a POW…

Today is “Bud” Day day. He is the subject of this badass report – Maj. George “Bud” Everett Day USAF.

He served in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War, and was awarded the Medal of Honor due to his heroic resistance as a POW during the Vietnam War.

After ground service in the Pacific in WWII, he became a pilot and flew F-84’s in Korea. Later he trained pilots in the F-100 and became the first person to bail out of a jet fighter without a parachute and live!

He went on to fly F-100’s over Vietnam where he was hit by anti-aircraft fire and ejected over enemy territory, breaking his arm in the process. He was captured and imprisoned 20 miles behind the lines. In spite of his injuries he managed to escape and although naked and alone, eating raw frogs, evaded the enemy for 15 days until he was shot and recaptured only 2 miles from a US Marine Base. Taken to prison camps near Hanoi, he was tortured and starved, and had his bones broken again. Over time he healed and worked together with other captured pilots to assist each other in resistance and survival, singing “The Star Spangled Banner” when threatened with death and torture from brutal guards. For a time he shared a cell with future senator John McCain. Finally after nearly 6 years of captivity he was released, and awarded the Medal of Honor by President Ford.

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