Badass Report: M/Sgt Ernest Kouma, US Army, Korea.

Singlehandedly killing 250 enemy…

Another Badass Report! Master Sergeant Ernest Kouma knew how to command his tank like a badass. He had operated one throughout WWII. Now in 1950, in the vicinity of Agok, Korea, Master Sgt Kouma earned the Medal of Honor, wielding his tank like a fortress.

It began around midnight Sept 1st when the North Korean enemy crossed the river and fiercely attacked, causing heavy casualties to US forces, and a retreat was ordered. M/Sgt Kouma and the other tanks were rear guard to cover the withdrawal. However the enemy kept advancing, overrunning or destroying all the other tanks involved. M/Sgt Kouma realized his tank was the lone obstacle left to the enemy onslaught. He chose to stand his ground alone. He held position all night, repeatedly fighting off the enemy. Standing atop his turret he fired the 50 cal mounted machine gun point blank into the enemy as they surrounded his tank on all sides. Out of 50BMG ammo, and wounded, he continued repelling the enemy attacks with grenades and pistol fire.

Finally after 9 hours there was a lull in the waves of enemy and he was able to withdraw his tank to friendly lines through 8 miles of enemy territory, during which he had to fight through 3 more hostile machine gun positions. It is estimated M/Sgt Kouma singlehandedly killed 250 enemy soldiers. His magnificent stand allowed his unit to pull back and regroup. Master Sgt Kouma was a true badass and worthy of the Medal of Honor.


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