Badass Report: PFC Joe M. Nishimoto

Mild-mannered Joe becomes a one-man army…

Another Badass Report: On Nov 7th, 1944 in France, the small and mild-mannered PFC Joe Nishimoto turned into a one-man army. For three days his company had been pinned, slowly fighting across a ridgeline confronting heavily entrenched German enemy. Many in his unit had fallen to continuous artillery and mortar attacks, booby traps, and mine-fields. Fed up, he took matters into his own hands. Crawling through the heavily mined area he attacked and destroyed the first machinegun emplacement with grenades, then circled around and eliminated another emplacement with his subgun at point blank. After charging two more enemy approaching on foot, he then assaulted and destroyed yet another machinegun emplacement. Having taken all the enemies strong points single-handedly, his unit was able to break the three day standoff and take the ridge. A badass was needed in this moment in the battle, and the mostly meek PFC Nishimoto stepped up and earned the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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