Badass Report: Sgt. Day Turner

Another Badass Report! With some serious badassness…


On this day, Jan 8th in 1945, in Luxembourg, Sergeant Day Turner definitely earned the Medal of Honor and established himself as a Baddass. He commanded a 9-man squad and was tasked with holding a critical flank position. They were overwhelmed by German enemy who pounded them relentlessly with artillery, mortar, and rocket fire, forcing Sgt. Turner and his 9 men to withdraw to a nearby house to defend it.

The enemy repeatedly attacked them in the house, but was repulsed with heavy losses each time. The Germans wised up and brought in tank support and finally gained entrance to the house. Sgt Turner was now down to 3 men, his other 6 being dead or wounded, but still would not give up.

Continuing the fight he held room after room making the Germans pay for every step they took. He boldly flung a can of flaming oil at the attackers, dispersing them, then hitting them with fierce hand-to-hand encounters. He hurled hand grenades when he could, and bayoneted 2 Germans who rushed a doorway he was in. When out of ammo he used the enemy’s guns and ammo.

Amazingly he and his 3 men held the the house for 4 hours, and finally the enemy surrendered. Sgt. Turner and his 3 men took 25 prisoners, killed 11, and wounded many many more. His inspiring leadership, determination, and courage earned him the Medal of Honor.

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