Badass Report: Sgt Reckless (the horse)

Today is a unique Badass Report… since this badass was not human.


Staff Sgt Reckless was a Marine Corp Horse that served a anti-tank recoilless rifle platoon of the 1st Marine Division, during the Korean War. Trained by gunnery Sgt Latham, Reckless was a fast learner, able to avoid getting tangled in barbed-wire, lay in a ditch when under fire, and run for a bunker when she heard the call “incoming”.

Sgt Reckless proved herself above all one bitter day in March in 1953 at the battle of Vegas Hill, one of the bloodiest 5 days of the war. In order to move the number of recoilless rifle rounds needed to the front, the Marines relied on Sgt Reckless to know her own way and carry ammo to the front by herself with no guide. She carried over 9000 pound of ammo that day in over 50 trips covering 35 miles total, also carrying the wounded out on the return trips. She was wounded twice, treated and kept going until the mission was complete.


For her bravery under fire and relentless efforts to serve her unit, Staff Sgt Reckless was awarded two Purple Hearts, Good Conduct Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Presidential Unit Citation, National Service Defense Medal, Korean Service Medal with 3 Bronze stars, and more. She also earned a monument both at Camp Pendleton, and in the National Marine Corp Museum, making her a true badass…

Horse statue for marien museum - pic #8

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