Badass Report: A Badass Pharmacist!

He stepped up when needed…


Even a pharmacist can be a badass! 1st Class PM Francis J. Pierce USN, serving with the USMC on Iwo Jima during WWII showed he had what it took to win the Medal of Honor and be a true Badass.

It was March 15th 1945 and his unit had been under constant Japanese fire. Always ready to volunteer for dangerous assignments, Pierce was a valuable member of the unit. After his small group of corpsmen were caught in heavy machinegun fire and several corpsman were wounded, Pierce took charge of the group as they tried to move stretchers of wounded Marines to safety. To get the men out of the heavy fire Pierce ran out into the open to draw the enemy guns toward him, enabling his men to move the stretchers to cover. He made it back unscathed and while attempting to help the bleeding men, Japanese soldiers jumped out a nearby cave and shot his patients again. Pierce charged the Japs to save his patients and eliminated the threats, running out of ammo doing so.

Realizing they had to get the wounded further to safety, Pierce lifted the wounded on to his back and covered 200 feet of open terrain under fire to better cover. Exhausted and warned that is was a suicide mission to go out again, Pierce ran through the open again to rescue the remaining wounded Marine, carrying him out as well. As the battle raged into the next day he went out again and was seriously wounded by sniper fire, but refusing aid for himself, he continued to assist others while providing cover fire as well. His complete fearlessness inspired his entire battalion and established Petty Officer Francis Pierce as one Badass Pharmacist!

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  1. Michael Brennan says:

    One does not “win” The Medal of Honor; rather, it is awarded. One is the recipient of the medal.

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