Double Badass Report: Pvts Christian and Johnson


On this day, June 3rd 1944 during WWII in Italy, two Privates with the 3rd ID, Herbert Christian and Elden Johnson, chose to give their lives so their squad members could escape from an ambush. The squad came under a mass of fire from 60 enemy riflemen, 3 belt fed machine gun nests, and 3 tanks. They were pinned down. Privates Christian and Johnson both walked out in full view of the enemy 30 yards away to draw fire and allow the squad to extricate. They both advanced forward upright, firing from the hip. Pvt Christian leg was hit with a cannon and removed above the knee, but he kept walking forward on one knee and his stump, leaving a bloody trail. They got within 5-10 yards of the enemy, killing several and eliminating a machinegun nest. All the fire was trained on them and Pvt Johnson was torn by machinegun fire and fell. But he rose again, kneeling in full view of the enemy with Pvt Christian on his stump beside him, both reloading and firing continuously. Eventually all the enemy rifle rounds and 20mm cannon round found their mark and both men were killed. But during the distraction, 12 of their comrades were able to retreat to safety. They willingly gave their lives that others may live, showed they were badasses, and were awarded the Medal of Honor.

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