Badass Report: PFC Michael J. Perkins

PFC Michael J. Perkins was only 18 or 19 years old fighting in WWI in France…


On Oct 27, 1918 PFC Michael J. Perkins and his fellow soldiers found themselves under serious grenade attack from a German fortification. Voluntarily and alone, PFC Perkins slowly crawled to the German pill box machinegun emplacement from which the grenades and machinegun attacks were coming. Awaiting his opportunity, the door was again opened for another grenade attack and he leaped, throwing his own explosive inside, then bursting in alone through the open door with his trench knife. He rushed head-long into the unknown interior and into hand-to-hand combat, killing or wounding many, and single-handedly capturing about 25 prisoners. His victory at the pill box silenced 7 machineguns. He was a serious badass and was awarded the Medal of Honor, unfortunately it was given posthumously since he was killed by artillery the day after his heroic actions.

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