Star BM – the Spanish “1911”

The Star BM is the latest surplus pistol that we have brought in, a very handy and fun 9mm compact sidearm, with some cool features and interesting history. Check them out HERE


The Spanish Police started carrying the Star BM in the 1970’s and 80’s, and many were marked with Guardia Civil stampings on the frame and slide. It served Spain as a rugged and reliable handgun for many years, and now as surplus pistols, they are coming to the USA.

Based on Browning 1911 Commander pattern, the Star BM is a compact size gun, with a 4″ barrel with link and locking lug on top like a 1911, barrel bushing holding a full length guide rod, and a single action trigger. The manual thumb safety is very positive with a solid lock, allowing for “cocked and locked” carry. It has a long external extractor, slide serrations, and fixed sights. They are in standard 9mm caliber, (the slide is marked “9m/mP” which stands for “Parabellum”, another name for the standard 9mm Luger/9×19 round.)

Spanish steel was famous for hundreds of years, and the Star continues that reputation,  constructed of all steel parts, except the grips which are checkered black composite. It uses an 8rd single stack magazine. There are also two small areas on the gun where the police markings were removed prior to importation.

Since they are surplus, we are able to offer them at a great low price, making them a wonderful gun for home defense or concealed carry without getting the latest and greatest $600 – $700 pistol.

Below is a round up of the some reviewers that have loved shooting the Star BM from J&G Sales and produced some great videos for your enjoyment:


Military Arms Channel




The FireArm Guy

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