Badass Report: Staff Sgt Ronald J. Shurer

He saved all of them… and was awarded the Medal of Honor.


On Oct 1st, 2018, Pres, Trump awarded US Army Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer II the Medal of Honor for his badassery in April of 2008 in the Shok Valley of Nuristan Province, Afghanistan.

While serving as the only Special Forces Medic on his team, he was deployed through the Shok Valley when the team came under attack from over 200 insurgents. From above came enemy machine gun fire, plus snipers picking them off, and then RPG fire starts going off! In this hellstorm the team suffered several casualties and was pinned down ahead of him on the mountainside. Sgt Shurer knew he needed to reach his wounded men, so off he goes scaling the rock face under fire to reach the first wounded soldier, who had RPG shrapnel in his neck. After stabilizing him, he had to continue up the mountain to his trapped and wounded team mates. After an hour of climbing, returning fire the whole time, killing several of the terrorists, he finally reached his other wounded brothers. While treating four injured soldiers, plus 10 Afghani Commandos, he got shot in the head (thank God for helmets), and then took a round to the arm! But he did not stop and then continued on to treat a soldier who lost a leg. He had to continuously return fire and battle the enemy for over 5 more hours before he could get them out. Then, using his body as a shield against debris from the explosions, he figured a way to use nylon webbing to lower and evacuate the wounded down a 60 foot cliff to get them to a helicopter. Due to Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer’s Badass bravery, everyone lived that was under his care.

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