The Embellished Colts

Over the years Colt has released several very limited edition pistols that are highly engraved and inlayed with 24kt gold and other metals. At J&G we have sought to obtain many of these amazing guns, which can be very difficult to find.

One of the nicest sets we’ve seen is the El Potro Rampante (the Rampant Colt) which celebrates famous horse logo we all associate quickly with Colt Firearms. A seeming mirror image of each other, this set of one blued and one stainless pistol truly stands out.


“El Potro Rampante” – the Rampant Colt pair of stainless and blued pistols

Many of the pistols commemorate Hispanic heritage, with Mexican and Aztec inspired art incorporated into the design. One of the most popular issues was the beautiful guns in honor of Emiliano Zapata, Mexican General of the revolution, with deep Royal Blue finish and silver inlay


General Emiliano Zapata commemorative


Another always sought after pistol was the Rose Gold Mexican Heritage pistols, with an inlay of nicely toned rose gold and faux ivory grips to bring out the traditional Aztec patterns and carvings.


Rose Gold Mexican Heritage pistol

Another was the “Dragon” which featured three colors due to the copper, silver, and gold inlay and dragon scale grips, giving it a multi-hue look different from most of the editions.


The Dragon!

But among all the various limited releases, the premier and most sought after series was the “Aztec Jaguar” set of pistols. With values only growing year after year, the Jaguar pistols featured the warrior elites of the Aztec culture, inlayed in gold and intricate engraving.

The Jaguar Stainless is high polished bright stainless steel finish. The Jaguar Azul is Royal Blue and gold. The Jaguar Knight is the most embellished Colt to date, in blue and gold.


The full set of Aztec Jaguar pistols

It is rare to find the Jaguar guns by themselves, so we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to offer all three as a set.

The Colt engraved special editions have only increased in value over the years since they were released. These are full size Gov’t model 1911 pistols in 38 Super caliber, and many models come with color informational cards in the box explaining the theme of the pistol. Each is from a limited run of 300, 400, or 500 pistols, never to be made again.

For a current view of what pistols are available and the prices see our website HERE


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