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Badass Report: Pfc John C. Squires

It’s been a while since the last Report, but this guy needs one! A platoon messenger in his first combat steps up when needed. On this day, April 24 1944 in Italy, PFC John C Squires became a badass and … Continue reading

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The Star BM doesn’t have to be blue…

The nice solid steel construction of the Star BM makes a great platform for your imagination – in this case we imagined Burnt Bronze with black accents on the fire controls, black barrel and bushing, and contrasting bronze screws on … Continue reading

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New California Ammo Delivery Restrictions

California residents please note: Prop 63 passed by the vote of the people of California and implements many new elements of gun control, including the elimination of direct mail order deliveries of ammunition to individual California gun owners. Beginning in … Continue reading

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Star BM – the Spanish “1911”

The Star BM is the latest surplus pistol that we have brought in, a very handy and fun 9mm compact sidearm, with some cool features and interesting history. Check them out HERE The Spanish Police started carrying the Star BM … Continue reading

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Badass Report: Sgt Roy W. Harmon

On this day, July 12, 1944, in Italy during WWII, Sgt Harmon showed his badass bravery as acting squad leader to his men. Heavy machinegun fire from enemy positions, well dug in on high ground and hidden by haystacks, had … Continue reading

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Badass Report: Sgt. Edward Carter

Fighting from a young age… Another Badass Report: Sgt Edward A. Carter Jr. grew up wanting to fight. Although born in Los Angeles, he was raised by his parents in India, then China, until he ran away from home at … Continue reading

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Badass Report: Master Sgt Vito Bertoldo

48 hours with no rest killing Germans… a serious Badass Another Badass Report: Today 72 years ago, Jan 10th, 1945, US Army Master Sgt Vito Bertoldo was maybe the bravest man in France. While defending an outpost in the village … Continue reading

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