Gunsmithing Services and Gallery

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Prices shown on this list reflect labor charges only.  Parts supplied by J&G, as well as any necessary taxes and/or shipping charges, will be in addition to the prices listed here.  Shipping charges vary by firearm type, weight, and distance traveled.  All firearms or components will be returned from gunsmithing with insurance.  Handgun will be returned UPS 2nd Day Air.  For  complete quotes or to discuss services not listed here, please contact me by email at

General Labor Rates

Bench time, $60 per hour

Machine time, $90 per hour

Pistol ‘Smithing

Install OEM compatible replacement sights, $40

Trigger Job/Action tuning, $120

Machine slide & install dovetail front sight, $90

Novak rear dovetail cut & sight installed, $120

Novak front & rear dovetail cut & sights installed, $150

Install/fit pistol barrel, starts at $60

Full gunsmith fit 1911 barrel $240

Open & flare 1911 ejection port, $120

Full fit beaver tail grip safety to 1911, $150

1911 reliability package, $180

  • install, polish, & tune extractor
  • install & tune ejector
  • polish breach face
  • polish feed ramp
  • polish & throat barrel

Rifle ‘Smithing

Drill & tap, $40 per hole minimum labor charge applies

Install and tune trigger start at $60

Cut & crown barrel, includes cutting to length, $60

Thread muzzle, inch pattern threads only, right or left handed, $150

Install ATI scope base & bent bolt kit on Mosin-Nagant, $100

Install custom barrel blank, $400

  • Lap bolt lugs and true receiver face including for most actions
  • Plain, cone, or safety styles breach no additional charge
  • Extractor cuts included as necessary
  • chamber to desired caliber, nonstandard calibers may require additional tooling fees
  • cut barrel to length & crown, add $100 for threaded muzzle at time of barrel install

M16 extractor madification for Remington 700 is no longer offered.

Epoxy & pillar bedding, $250

Free float barrel channel when bedding, $150

Magazine feed work with caliber conversion, by hourly rate as necessary

Refinishing Services

J&G Sales does not offer any in house refinishing services.  However, we do have working relationships with several vendors.  On you custom firearm project, we can source  traditional hot bluing, slow rust bluing, and stainless black oxide.  As well as DuraCoat and Cerakote coatings offering a wide range of colors and applications.

Recently we have added salt bath nitride treatment and electroless nickel with boron carbide.  These are the absolute state of the art finishes common for several years on factory firearms, now available on your custom project.

*** Pricing updated June 17, 2014 ***

Pictures of projects I have completed, both for myself as well as for customers.

Recent work.