.270 Weatherby No.2

In posting about our avaiable Christensen Arms barrels I realized I had never posted the completed rifle used in my M16 extractor install, barrel threading, and chambering posts.

270wby2_00447.5″ in overall length with a 27″ Christensen Arms barrel.  As pictured this rifle weighs in at 8.8 pounds.

270wby2_005The HiViz X-coil pad helps a lot with recoil, although not enough to even suggest that this rifle is pleasant when shooting from the bench.  This rifle is called No.2 as its owners second .270 Weatherby caliber 700.  The first is a steel receivered factory gun which on which the barrel was wrapped by Christensen Arms years ago when they offered that service.


For that gun, which is noticeably heavier because of the steel receiver and McMillan stock, the owner has a great 130 Scirocco II load.  For this lighter rifle I worked up a load with a Barnes 110gr Tipped TSX bullet.  I do not know how much recoil was reduced as the velocity for this gun ended up being 3780fps at the muzzle.

270wby2_002This same load in another customer’s hands (and similar rifle I built on a Winchester Model 70 also with a 27″ CA barrel) took a mule deer at 220 yards and an antelope at 790 yards this past year.  With perfect performance, through and through penetration, on both animals.


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Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrels

I am pleased to announce J&G Sales has Christensen Arms carbon fiber wrapped barrel blanks in stock and available to build you dream rifle today.


Remington 700 Titanium, .243 WinchesterRemington 700, 243 Winchester, Christensen Arms barrelRemington 700 Titanium, .270 Weatherby

270wby2_003Just to give you some ideas.

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Model 64, Because Build

I consider my self a practical gunsmith.  Not that my customers are exclusively of the practical shooting community, although many are, but because the firearms I build are built to be used.  As such, rifles I build tend to be geared for a specific hunt.  Like wise, handguns tend to fall into USPSA divisions or other competition rules.  This is not one of those builds, it is just done how the customer wanted.

64ppc-comp_1This Smith & Wesson Model 64 started out as a Brinks trade in.  It was rebuilt to customer specifications with a PPC style, slab sided, bull barrel featuring an integral compensator.  An Aristocrat aluminium sight rib and under lug are used.  The later was shortened to a half lug.

64ppc-comp_3As far as my understanding goes the combination of iron sights and comp make this revolver illegal or uncompetitive in most organised competitions.  Regardless it is great fun on the range.  It is well balanced with aluminium sight rib, short under lug, and slab sided barrel.  While a heavy .38 Special does not have much in the way of muzzle flip, what little there was is eliminated by the comp.

64ppc-comp_2Although they are not very practical, it is refreshing to build an outlaw gun, one which does not conform to the occasionally arbitrary rules of competition shooting.

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FAL: Cut, Folded, & Suppressed

Another recently completed project, this started as a 1999 era Century Stg-58 rebuild.

fn-fal-sd_02csI installed new DS Arms lower with the Para side folding stock.

fn-fal-sd_01csI also shortened the barrel to 16&1/4″ inches length.  With the stock folded it balances perfectly on the carry handle.

fn-fal-sd_03csAnd threaded to accept a SAS TOMB mount.

fn-fal-sd_04csWhich will eventually have this titanium SAS Arbiter suppressor mounted to it.


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Last week I posted pictures of a Mega MATEN built with the MTS monolithic upper.  The MTS are no longer available from Mega Arms, and have been replaced by the MKM uppers.

mega-mkm-maten_01csThe MKM is not a monolithic piece.  It is a two part assembly with about 1&1/2″ of overlap between the upper receiver and rail.  These parts are specific to each other.

mega-mkm-maten_02csThe MKM rail will not fit Mega’s standard billet MATEN upper.  A secondary benefit of the MKM is the $220 reduction in price from the same length MATEN MTS.



We recently received MATEN barrels from Mega Arms.  These are .308 Winchester, medium contoured, 416 stainless steel barrels, finished in black nitride.  With a sub-1MOA guaranty.  This barrel allowed me to finish a MTS upper which has been waiting on a barrel.

mega-mts-maten_05csMega MATEN MTS with a Mega Arms 16″ mid-length barrel.  And a Geissele SD-E fire control group.

mega-mts-maten_02csPRI folding front sight gas block assembly and folding rear BUIS.  I don’t know what optics are planned for this gun.

mega-mts-maten_03csThe stock is the Magpuls UBR with a Slash’s Heavy Buffers CAR-10 buffer and Sprinco “Orange” chrome silicon spring.

mega-mts-maten_04csThe mount brake is a SAS TOMB awaiting an Arbiter suppressor.


Marlin 1894 .357 Magnum Suppressed

This is a Wild West Guns tuned Marlin 1894.  It came in to me already tuned by them, with the blackened wood and parkerizing.  The owner had seen a Hickok45 video featuring a SBR’ed Rossi Ranch Hand and thought his 1894 needed some muzzle threads.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_01csThe magazine tube was flush with the muzzle in its previous configuration.  The barrel was 16 & 5/8 inches long.  I have to shorten it about an 1/4″ to clean up the original magazine cap dovetail.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_02csThe work done was threading the muzzle and cutting the new dovetail for the mag cap retainer.  I also shortened the magazine tube to fit.  I installed the XS Scout rial with peep sights at the same time.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_03csThis worked out, because the XS front sight has a much smaller island, which cleared the threads.  If I was reusing the factory sight base it would need to be moved back.  This would require at least one new hole drill and tapped into the barrel.

mar1894cs_wwg_threaded_04csThe XS sights are also tall enough to easily clear the typical 1.375″ OD body which has become standard on pistol suppressors.  It is pictured here with a Thompson Machine Isis-2 9mm suppressor.

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