Badass Report: PFC Michale Perkins

Another Badass report! On this date during WWI in 1918 in France, PFC Michale Perkins of the 101st Infantry, voluntarily and alone crawled to a German “pill box” machinegun emplacement, from which grenades were being thrown at his platoon. Awaiting his opportunity, when the door was again opened and another grenade thrown, he threw a bomb inside, bursting the door open, and then, drawing his trench knife, he rushed the emplacement and in hand-to-hand combat he killed and wounded several of the occupants and captured about 25 prisoners, at the same time silencing 7 machineguns. – One man with a knife killing several and capturing 25!! – a true badass!

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Badass Report: Lt Col George Mabry

Another Badass Report! On this day Nov 20th, 1944, Lt Col George Mabry, US Army, 4th ID, in the Hurtgen Forest, earned the Medal of Honor. Early in an assault his men were halted by a minefield combined with heavy enemy fire. Alone he entered the minefield and found a safe route through. Then ahead of all his men Col Mabry cut through the concertina wire and disabled the explosive boobytraps in it. He then alone charged and captured 3 enemy foxholes with his bayonet! Moving again ahead of his men, he captured 3 log bunkers, killing 9 German enemies in hand to hand combat with the butt of his rifle or bayonet. He then charged the main bunker, killing 6 more Nazis with his bayonet. From this captured high ground he and his men were able to open the approach to Cologne for allied forces. Crossing minefields, repeatedly bayoneting enemies, and never stopping, shows Col Mabry’s superlative courage, daring, and leadership, and earned him the Medal of Honor, making him a true badass!

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Meet the young competition shooters sponsored by J&G Sales!

At J&G Sales we feel strongly that young up-and-coming competition shooters need to be supported and encouraged to excel in the sport we all love! We have chosen to support several youth to help them reach their goals. Here is a short introduction to them and how they are performing.

Kolby H.

Kolby has been shooting  competition pistol throughout his teen years and recently has placed 3rd in junior division at the USPSA Nationals, after having placed 6th the year before, making Grand Master. He also placed 49th overall out of the 300 adult shooters!


2012 USPSA Nationals OL10

Congratulations to Kolby, one of the youngest Grand Masters!


Sarah N.

Sarah N. shoots high-power for the Arizona Scorpions shooting team. She competes with the AR-15 rifle, shooting offhand, sitting, and prone out to 600 yards, and recently her and the Scorpions team have been placing very well. She did superb at Camp Perry this year earning 3rd in Infantry Trophy.  Sarah was also selected as High Power Junior of The Year for 2014!



Congratulation to Sarah, keep it up!


Jacob H.

Jacob got his start in IDPA and USPSA when he was 12 years old. He has repeatedly  placed in the top 10 at the USPSA Nationals, and was Production class overall winner at Area 2 regionals. He recently got the individual Silver and team Gold medals at World Shoot XVII with over 80 countries participating, and is now shooting for team Beretta – at only 17 years old!


JacobProfile Picture

We will see great things from Jacob in the future!


We hope everyone will help our youth to cherish the shooting sports. Assist them in your local area if you can so more teens can find their own passion for competition shooting and grow into great athletes in the years to come.

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Running the full-auto AKM-47!

We had some extra footage from when we filmed our commercial so we put some cool shots together of the AKM-47 running full-auto. That guns runs like a top and the suppressor just makes it funner! Check it out!

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Historical note, and another Badass Report: Maj Bruce Crandall

Another Badass Report:

On this day, Nov 14th, 1965, regular US forces and regular NVA forces met in the first major engagement of the Vietnam war. Portrayed in the book and movie “We Were Soldiers”, Col Harold Moore and the 7th Cav battled relentlessly in the Ia Drang valley. Of the 500 men originally sent in, 416 were killed or wounded. Many badasses were present in this battle, one standout being helicopter pilot Maj. Bruce Crandall who was awarded the Medal of Honor for choosing to fly in and out of a landing zone which had been closed due to extreme NVA fire targeting it. All through the night he delivered ammo and brought out the wounded at total disregard for his own safety. He made 22 flights that day and night all under intense enemy fire, and truly earned the Medal of Honor and was a true badass.

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Badass Report: Prvt 1st Class Ralph Dias.

Another Badass Report!

Private 1st Class Ralph E. Dias of USMC 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, earned the Medal of Honor on Nov 12th 1969 at Que Son in Vietnam. He and his unit were pinned down and sustaining casualties, so Dias got up and charged alone toward the enemy machinegun bunker. We was shot while running and crawled behind a rock. Catching his breath, he ran closer again, and was shot a second time! Unable to walk, he continued to crawl a third time across the open to get near the enemy. After tossing some grenades he realized he was not close enough, and out of sheer determination crawled out again to get closer and was shot yet again. As he threw his last grenades, they found their mark and destroyed the enemy machinegun. He was then shot yet again and died of his wounds. He gallantly gave his life in the service to his country and the traditions of the Marine Corp, and was a true badass.

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See the new J&G Sales TV commercial

Our new 2015 TV commercial is now showing on cable in the Central Arizona area. We were going for a movie trailer theme, with some customer reviews mixed in as if they were critic opinions of a new movie.

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