Badass Report: Pfc. Dirk Vlug

One man against five tanks – no problem if you’re Dirk Vlug…

Another Badass Report! Pfc Dirk Vlug, US Army, 32nd ID, on Dec 15, 1944 in the Philippines, earned the Medal of Honor and the title of Badass. While guarding a roadblock his position was attacked by enemy tanks. Alone with only an anti-tank launcher, 6 rockets for it, and a pistol he counterattacked, advancing under machine gun fire and single-handedly destroyed the first tank with a rocket, then killing the occupants of the second with his pistol when they dismounted, driving the rest back into their tank which he then promptly destroyed with a rocket. He then flanked the road and destroyed in sequence three more tanks! One man alone against five tanks – and he won. That makes him a Badass, and a Medal of Honor winner!

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How Gaston Glock made a pistol…

Way back in 1963, a young man named Gaston Glock started a plastics company near Vienna in Austria. He made curtain rods, drawer parts, radiators, and other plastic molded parts, and became moderately successful. He also began to make small plastic and plastic/metal unified parts for the military such as knife handles and grenade components.

Gaston Glock, Founder of the Glock Ges.m.b.H firearms manufacturing company.

One day in early 1980, Gaston overheard the Austrian Minster of Defense officials complaining that the trials for a new military pistol were not satisfying, that the current firearms companies were taking too long, and were unable to comply with the demands of the bid.

Gaston stepped in and asked permission to join the competition although he had never manufactured a firearm before – a complete rookie. After being told the time left was very short and the competition had a several year head start, he received the demands of the proposal and began work.

First he had to understand guns and so began a crash course in disassembling and studying major types of pistols already being produced, including SIG, Beretta, CZ, and Walther. After familiarizing himself with the mechanical principles, on May 8, 1980 he arranged a meeting with three handgun experts, Siegfried F. Hubner, Richard Silvestri and Friedrich Dechant. These three men gave Gaston their ideas on the perfect pistol for the future, outlining it all on paper, and addressing issues encountered in previous designs.

The basic outline for their dream pistol ended up being a lightweight pistol in 9mm with clean lines, no external safety, less than 29 ounces, large magazine capacity, trigger pull in a specific range, with detailed requests for dimensions of trigger and slide, with no more than 40 parts, arranged in independent subgroups for ease of maintenance, a barrel hammered forged in one manufacturing operation, and able to withstand a double load of 9mm. For safety the gun should not fire when dropped on any apart of it from 2 meters.

Cut away interior view of the Glock pistol.

Important to Gaston Glock was that the pistol should be point shootable without sights. He was convinced the new gun needed to be fired by instinct or with eyes closed. After much testing, they all agreed the best grip angle was 22 degrees (later revised to 21.5).

All men signed this written list, which is still preserved in the Glock company headquarters today.

Gaston had his work cut out for him and so began his design and drawing sessions, repeatedly giving his engineer patterns to create. Gaston tested all prototypes himself in his basement, carefully using his left hand to fire them in order to protect his (more valuable) right hand. Four of these original prototype guns still exist.

Finally on April 30, 1981 he was finished and applied for the patent. It was almost a year since that historic brainstorming meeting. Limited production began and he sent his offering to the Austrian defense bid panel on May 19, 1982, which passed successfully and was accepted with the only addition begin a second internal firing pin safety. The Austrian Army ordered 25,000 Glock 17 pistols, with more contracts soon following. The Glock 17 was born.

A new Glock 17 pistol.

Production took off, with compact models (19,23), full auto models (18), big bore models (20,21), and new factories in Hong Kong, the USA, and South America being built to keep up. Now in its fourth generation, the plastic pistol of Gaston Glock continues to satisfy military, police, and recreational shooter around the world.

Soldiers and police officers around the world carry Glock pistols.

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Badass Report: Capt. William Barber

Another Badass Report: Capt William Barber, 1st Marine Division, on this day Dec 2, 1950 in the Chosin Reservoir, earned the Medal of Honor. His troops were battle weary and dug in at night to defend a 3-mile pass that was the only supply line to the division, when they were attacked by a full regiment of enemy! They fought all night and ended up completely surrounded and with many casualties, but refused to leave, assuring higher-ups that with some airdrops they could keep holding. Although severely wounded in the leg, Capt Barber had himself carried up and down the lines on a stretcher to encourage and inspire his men. The battle lasted 5 days and 6 nights in the subzero snow, during which his small company killed over 1000 of the enemy! When the company was finally relieved, only 82 of his original 220 men were able to walk away from the battle! His steadfast leadership holding the pass allowed the full division to move from the deathtrap in the Chosin Reservoir sector, earned him the Medal of Honor, and gets him listed as a true badass!

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Badass Report: Pfc Lewis Albanese

Another Badass Report: On this day dec 1st, in 1966 in Vietnam, Pfc Lewis Albanese, U.S. Army, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, earned the Medal of Honor. His platoon was under heavy rifle fire attack. Pfc Albanese saw additional fire coming from a well-concealed ditch on the left flank and seeing the imminent danger to his comrades, he fixed bayonet and attacked silently into the ditch, killing the sniper. The ditch turned out to be an organized complex of enemy trenches and disregarding the danger to himself he moved along the trench, killing 6 more snipers! Now out of ammo, he continued to attack with his bayonet in hand-to-hand combat, and was mortally wounded after killing 2 more enemy soldiers. His actions saved the lives of many members of his platoon who would have fallen to the sniper fire from the ditch, earned him the Medal of Honor, and qualify him as a true badass!

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Badass Report: PFC Michale Perkins

Another Badass report! On this date during WWI in 1918 in France, PFC Michale Perkins of the 101st Infantry, voluntarily and alone crawled to a German “pill box” machinegun emplacement, from which grenades were being thrown at his platoon. Awaiting his opportunity, when the door was again opened and another grenade thrown, he threw a bomb inside, bursting the door open, and then, drawing his trench knife, he rushed the emplacement and in hand-to-hand combat he killed and wounded several of the occupants and captured about 25 prisoners, at the same time silencing 7 machineguns. – One man with a knife killing several and capturing 25!! – a true badass!

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Badass Report: Lt Col George Mabry

Another Badass Report! On this day Nov 20th, 1944, Lt Col George Mabry, US Army, 4th ID, in the Hurtgen Forest, earned the Medal of Honor. Early in an assault his men were halted by a minefield combined with heavy enemy fire. Alone he entered the minefield and found a safe route through. Then ahead of all his men Col Mabry cut through the concertina wire and disabled the explosive boobytraps in it. He then alone charged and captured 3 enemy foxholes with his bayonet! Moving again ahead of his men, he captured 3 log bunkers, killing 9 German enemies in hand to hand combat with the butt of his rifle or bayonet. He then charged the main bunker, killing 6 more Nazis with his bayonet. From this captured high ground he and his men were able to open the approach to Cologne for allied forces. Crossing minefields, repeatedly bayoneting enemies, and never stopping, shows Col Mabry’s superlative courage, daring, and leadership, and earned him the Medal of Honor, making him a true badass!

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Meet the young competition shooters sponsored by J&G Sales!

At J&G Sales we feel strongly that young up-and-coming competition shooters need to be supported and encouraged to excel in the sport we all love! We have chosen to support several youth to help them reach their goals. Here is a short introduction to them and how they are performing.

Kolby H.

Kolby has been shooting  competition pistol throughout his teen years and recently has placed 3rd in junior division at the USPSA Nationals, after having placed 6th the year before, making Grand Master. He also placed 49th overall out of the 300 adult shooters!


2012 USPSA Nationals OL10

Congratulations to Kolby, one of the youngest Grand Masters!


Sarah N.

Sarah N. shoots high-power for the Arizona Scorpions shooting team. She competes with the AR-15 rifle, shooting offhand, sitting, and prone out to 600 yards, and recently her and the Scorpions team have been placing very well. She did superb at Camp Perry this year earning 3rd in Infantry Trophy.  Sarah was also selected as High Power Junior of The Year for 2014!



Congratulation to Sarah, keep it up!


Jacob H.

Jacob got his start in IDPA and USPSA when he was 12 years old. He has repeatedly  placed in the top 10 at the USPSA Nationals, and was Production class overall winner at Area 2 regionals. He recently got the individual Silver and team Gold medals at World Shoot XVII with over 80 countries participating, and is now shooting for team Beretta – at only 17 years old!


JacobProfile Picture

We will see great things from Jacob in the future!


We hope everyone will help our youth to cherish the shooting sports. Assist them in your local area if you can so more teens can find their own passion for competition shooting and grow into great athletes in the years to come.

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